1 bedroom flat move

Message from Christopher
I'm looking at only about 20 cubic metres, a 1 bed unit, shared load move would be cost effective?
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    Hi, we one of the longest running providers on WiseMove with many successful jobs and happy clients, the number of jobs we have completed shows our experience compared to others.
    With over 372 Jobs completed and 100,096 kilometres driven so far, just on WiseMove jobs, you can rest assured we know what we are doing.
    Happy to take care of this job for you, we often have the lowest prices on the website as we don't believe in taking advantage of our clients so we offer competive pricing.
    Price includes GST, Ferry, Milage, etc, and is valid qoute for the items in your job description.
    We are also Registered Essential Services providers, so can safely carry on operations during border restrictions and lockdowns, photo of our permits available on request.
    All goods carried at Owners Risk as per Carrage of Goods Act
    Any Questions, Just Ask.
    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    01 March, 2021 15:10
    Hi, just wanted to check if you still wanted to go ahead with the job you had listed on WiseMove website or if there was any problems with the pricing?
    With over 404 Jobs completed and 111,909 kilometres driven driven so far, just on WiseMove jobs, you can rest assured we know what we are doing, backed by our clients reviews and photos of some of our deliveries.
    Thanks, LoadMovers
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    Message from Christopher
    02 March, 2021 15:05
    Just seeing when a wrist operation is going to be
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Kerikeri 1 bedroom flat Ground floor
Collection date
Date flexible


Marvell Lane Storage
Driving distance
1,355km842mi 19hours 59mins

1 bedroom flat move

Requires 1 person to help