2 bedroom flat move

  • Melanie H. (Je******es)


    Payment option
    at delivery
    Payment method
    Our prices are all inclusive. Thanks for booking with (Je******es)
    Message from Melanie H. (transporter)
    28 July, 2019 07:13
    Hi, is there a lift at the drop off ? Thanks
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  • Jason D. (Vi******rs)


    for every 30min over agreed time $55 charge
    Payment option
    at collection at delivery after delivery
    Payment method
    cash bank transfer
    We can provide multiple options 

    Options A to E 

    A: Two men and a hi top van $60 per hour plus + gst $20 call out fee

    B: Two men small truck 15m3

    Hourly rate is $95 plus + gst $25 call out fee

    C: For three men and medium truck 18m3

    Hourly rate is $145 plus + gst $35 call out fee

    D: For four men and our medium truck 20m3 and a hi top van

    Hourly rate is $175 plus + gst $45 call out fee 

    E: For five men and largest truck 50m3 is 

    Hourly rate is $275 plus + gst $65 call all out fee 

    Please view our website for more information on terms and conditions plus our customers reviews

    Call use any time we are available 24/7 Monday to Sunday with no additional weekend rates added , 

    Friendly/ Honest / professional service/ with a smile

    Kindest Regards 

    Jason Davies

    (Vi******rs) Wellington 
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Collection details

Thorndon, Wellington 2 bedroom flat There is elevator
Collection date
On 31/07/2019 between 09:00 — 13:00 o'clock

Delivery details

The Terrace, Wellington 2 bedroom flat Above 9th floor
Driving distance
2km1mi 4mins

2 bedroom flat move

Requires 3 people to help
Booking time required
4 hours
Inventory estimate 8.5298.4 - 10.3m3364.8ft3
  • 1 Double bed
  • 1 Double bed mattress
  • 1 Two seat sofa
  • 1 Three seat sofa
  • 1 Armchair
  • 1 TV stand
  • 20 Cardboard box
  • 2 Suitcase
  • 1 Hoover