3 bedroom flat move

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    for every 30min over agreed time $100 charge
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    Quote is based on the following terms and conditions -

    Minimum 4 hours @ $200 per hour with the overtime rate of $100 per 30 minutes over 4 hours. This provision includes one 10m3 unit and our 15m3 tail lift unit with four men.

    While we take due care, goods are carted at owners risk unless we are wilfully negligent. It is advised to fit any mattresses with a fitted sheet or cover prior to moving, and to cover glass where possible.

    Payment method to be confirmed prior to job commencement
    Message from Donna
    13 December, 2020 08:00
    Hi there.
    Which dates would your team be available?
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    Message from Glen D. (Text A Truck)
    13 December, 2020 08:30
    Preferably from the 29th/12 excluding public holidays
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    Message from Donna
    13 December, 2020 08:44
    Great, how much would it be to add in one extra guy for the whole move ? So 4 all together? I think even a small truck will have trouble getting to my house as the driveway turns 90 degrees from my neighbors place back to my place .
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    Message from Glen D. (Text A Truck)
    13 December, 2020 09:09
    It would probably be smarter to run a team of four with both my trucks @ $200 per hour. This will hopefully speed things up and provide 25m3 of capacity per trip. The $1100 quote can stay, but that will cover 5.5 hours, not 8
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    Message from Donna
    13 December, 2020 10:30
    Ok. I'm just waiting on confirmation on a move out date .
    When I moved here I had a med truck, (unsure of actual size but not those huge trucks )2 movers and loads of helpers .
    It took 3 hours. However, I will have less helpers this time .
    What is your recommendation for trucks/guys and if it comes in less than the quote on the actual day do I pay less ?
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    Message from Glen D. (Text A Truck)
    13 December, 2020 12:44
    I will alter the quote accordingly with some terms and conditions to make things a little easier to understand
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    Message from Donna
    13 December, 2020 12:55
    Sounds great. I am just waiting for final confirmation dates regarding the new house in Papamoa.
    Are your guys available Wednesday 30 December for the move?
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    Message from Glen D. (Text A Truck)
    13 December, 2020 13:50
    I’m sure I can sort a team out for the 30th
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Message from Donna
Hi. I couldnt ammend - but its a 3bedroom house (no garage) to a 3 bedroom house with garage.
Dates can be fairly flexible until booked.
I have alllowed lots of time in the quote (8 hours) as you probably wont be able to get the truck right to my house for pick up. Im down a shared drive. I am the back house. You may only get the truck to the first house and carry everything from my house to the truck.
Access is close and easy at the new place.


Welcome Bay Road 3 bedroom flat Ground floor
Collection date
Between 29/12/2020 and 03/01/2020


Coast Boulevard 3 bedroom house
Driving distance
12km7mi 12mins

3 bedroom flat move

Requires 3 people to help
Booking time required
8 hours
Inventory estimate 15.1532.9 - 18.4m3651.2ft3
  • 4 Bedside table
  • 1 Chest of drawers
  • 2 Double bed
  • 2 Double bed mattress
  • 2 Night lamp
  • 1 Single bed mattress
  • 1 Coffee/side table
  • 4 Dining chair
  • 1 Dining table
  • 1 Footstool/pouffe
  • 1 Sofa 3-seat
  • 1 Sofa 4-seat
  • 1 TV
  • 1 TV stand
  • 1 Fridge freezer
  • 1 Microwave
  • 1 Tumble dryer
  • 1 Washing machine
  • 2 Chair
  • 2 Desk
  • 2 Garden bench
  • 4 Garden chair
  • 1 Ladder
  • 1 Suitcase