11 Essential Things To Tackle After Moving

By · May 4 2021
11 Essential Things To Tackle After Moving

Your movers had finally delivered your stuff safely to your new home. Congratulations, because you’re one step ahead to settling into your new home. You might get tempted to take a break from all the tiring tasks that you just tackled prior to moving and up to your moving day, but you're not done yet. There are still essential things you need to tackle, and it’s best to do it as soon as your movers have unloaded the last piece of your items.

Read below to know how to get started tackling essential things after moving into your new home. 

Inspect your new home

Before you set up your furniture and unpack your boxes at your new home, take the opportunity to inspect and double-check the condition of your new home while your home is empty. Make sure that all repairs that are necessary have been made by the previous homeowner and if everything is working properly fine including switches, outlets, and fixtures. While doing the inspection, it is highly recommended to take pictures of the condition of your new home, especially if there are areas of your new home that are damaged. This will save you from any trouble getting your whole deposit back by the time you decide to move out.

Child/pet-proof your new home if necessary

If you are a parent moving in with little kids or with pets, then it is necessary to childproof or pet-proof your new home first. It will be hard to focus on your tasks, and it’s dangerous for your kids and pets to be running around while you are still busy unpacking your items and setting up your furniture. Make it a top priority to safeguard them by creating a kid/pet zone in your new home. Designate empty rooms in your new home where you can safely keep your little one and four-legged kid away from the action.

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Unpack your moving boxes

It’s understandable that you feel like taking a break after the exhausting tasks of moving, now is not the time to rest. After movers unloaded all your stuff, unpacking is necessary. But you don’t have to rush yourself. You can take it one day at a time and complete it at your own pace. Start by unpacking your essentials box, then move on to unpacking boxes that contain your bedroom and bathroom items.

Clean Your House

Garbage, dust and dirt are unavoidable when unpacking boxes. So make sure to clean the dirty stuff left behind after unpacking. It is important to keep your new home clean. Keep everything dust-free and squeaky-clean.

Check if utilities are set up

You have for sure taken care of this prior to your moving day. But right after arriving at your new home and getting started with setting it up, make sure to verify if everything is good. Check if your water, electricity, gas, heating and cooling system, cable, and internet are working properly. Call up your local waste management facility and confirm that your new home is all set for the garbage to pick up, especially since you may have used boxes that you are not going to make use of anymore after moving in.

Locate the fuse box and water valve

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you start locating your new home’s fuse box and water valve. Know where these are located early on so that in case you will need to turn off the water or if the power goes off, you know exactly where to go. Getting yourself familiar with how to shut off gas and/or oil, same with your water heater. 

Secure your new home

Safety should always be on top of your priority list. So when moving to your new home, be sure to tackle this to ensure you can safely settle in safely with your family. Secure your new home against unauthorized access. The previous homeowners, no matter how trustworthy they are, may still have spare keys or have given spare keys to people you don’t know, so better be safe than sorry. Have a locksmith change all the external locks of your new home. Make sure your home security system is properly working and fire extinguishers are available on every floor of your home.

Change your address

Now that you have finally moved to your new home, you should not delay changing your address, important mails will be delivered to your old address unless you do so. Be sure to inform your bank, loan providers, subscription services, and of course, your family and friends.

Tend to your pets needs

Moving to a new home is a stressful process most especially for your pets, so make sure they are comfortable and they feel safe in your new place. Pay attention to their needs and help them get accustomed to their new environment before letting them loose. Make sure to keep the same routine you have for them in your previous home.

Meet your neighbours

Meeting new neighbours can be hard for some people to do this, but it will be harder and more awkward if done later than sooner. Make a good impression on your new neighbours by being mindful on your moving day. Make sure not to block the driveway with the mover's truck. Clean up your curb after you finished unpacking Introduce yourself whenever you have the chance to. Be warm, smile and say hello every time you see a neighbour passing by. 

Leave a review for the moving company you hired

After all is settled in, make it a point to leave a review for your chosen moving company. This will help other customers with moving needs in deciding whom to trust with their moving needs and encourages others to share their experience as well. This is also a way to keep movers be responsible and accountable for their job. In Wise Move, this is a practice we encourage customers to do after every moving job is completed because we know how important it is for customers to know what kind of movers they are going to deal with. Moving companies will also learn from the feedback customers have left by seeing what they need to improve on moving forward. 

But if you haven’t gotten started with your relocation process and are looking to partner with a trusted moving company for your relocation, start your search with Wise Move by submitting one quote request. Be connected to NZ’s moving companies for home move and furniture removals, a man with a van service, even piano movers, and service providers for car transportation, motorcycle transportation and boat transportation.

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