7 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By · May 6 2019
7 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In New Zealand, moving into a new home isn’t exactly a fun idea, especially for people living in Auckland. To compound to the impending stress, some people still make some mistakes that increase the entire burden of moving out.

So, here are 7 mistakes people make when moving to a new home, and how you can avoid them to reduce the stress of moving.


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There is a lot of planning to do, and arrangements to be made but some people keep procrastinating and delaying the process.

How to avoid it: moving homes involves a lot of planning, arrangement and packing to be done. So why not start early? You can make a checklist as a start to help you along the way.

Not changing address

You may have informed your close friends and landlord of your intention to move home, but you do not inform other important stakeholders, like the utility company. This is a serious problem in New Zealand.

How to avoid it: you can skip the stress of going to each company to inform them by changing your address on the post office’s website.

Failing to sort your stuff

You do not need to sort the properties that are no longer useful to you.

How to avoid it: it is important that you sort the stuff you haven’t used in a long time and either give them out or sell them.

Not making a list of the boxes you packed

Some people forget to make a list or at least indicate the items inside each of the boxes they’ve packed.

How to avoid it: make a list as you are packing. You may as well indicate on the box its contents and which room it goes to. This will save you time when unpacking.

Failing to pack little but essential items

Because of the rush of packing, you may probably forget to put the essential things you use on the daily basis, such as toothbrush, etc. in a place where they’d be handy when you need them, before unpacking everything.

How to avoid it: pack your essentials in a handbag that you can hold.

Allowing the Moving Company to handle everything

Because you have written a check to cover the expenses for the moving company, you may make the mistake of not involving yourself in the home moving process. You would most likely regret this.

How to avoid it: it is important that you be actively involved so that you make the important decisions and not allow the moving company make them for you.

Failure to make research on a good moving company

You hire a moving company based on hearsay or an advert and refuse to make your own findings before hiring.

How to avoid it: you need to search for moving companies in Auckland that are reliable and can deliver, especially now that many moving companies in New Zealand are inefficient, expensive and do not care about customer satisfaction.

However, Wise Move has helped to bring all the well-known companies that have these qualities together. All you have to do is get a quote and you’d see the price each of the companies charges, and make a choice that suits you.

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