Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Moving Boxes

By · May 12 2019
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Moving Boxes

When making a home move, there is a chance that you’d have a hard time fitting all your stuff into boxes, to get them ready for moving into the van. But then, there are some tricks you can use to the stress attached involved in this process, and in this article, we’d be sharing some of those tricks with you.

Make a list of the number and kind of boxes you need

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First of all, you need to estimate the number of boxes you need to pack your stuff. It may be a bit difficult to figure out the exact number of the boxes you need, but at least have an estimate of the number and size of the boxes that’d fit in your items.

Getting the sizes you’d need could be quite tricky. Pro tip: Use the square meter measurement of your home to determine the size of the boxes you’d need. Alternatively, you can seek help from someone who is experienced in home move to help you figure the right size of boxes.

Arrange stuff for different Boxes by size

Now, that you have gotten the kind of boxes you need to pack your stuff in, sort your stuff size by size and pack them in. You need first to sort all your stuff size by size and place them in different areas of the house. After doing this, pack larger items into the large boxes before you move on to pack the smaller stuff the smaller boxes. By doing this, you’d be able to pack your heavy stuff that can expend your energy first, and then packing the light ones won’t be very difficult.

However, do not pack the breakable items before the day of the home move.

Hire an Experienced Hand to help in the Packing

Finally, making a home move is stressful and takes a daunting process of packing. If you do not have the expertise you need to pack the boxes, you’d have a tough time packing the boxes. You need to hire someone who is experienced in packing, preferably someone who has a moving van, so you can combine the cost of both packing and moving.

Getting an affordable and reliable moving company can be an arduous process. Hence, you’d need to do extensive research and compare the cost and service of different movers. The good news is that Wisemove makes this process very simple.

Wise Move is a transport marketplace where you’d find a collection of moving companies that have prices up to 75% less than the standard rate, with dedicated staff who will painstakingly explain to you the various tricks to pack the boxes with minimal stress. All you need to do is get several quotes and choose the moving company that suits your needs.

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