Furniture Removals: Top 12 Tips from the Moving Companies in New Zealand

By · September 3 2019
Furniture Removals:  Top 12 Tips from the Moving Companies in New Zealand

Moving to a new home is quite the task, filled with both excitement and exhaustion. The idea of packing everything up and then unpacking it in a new place is tiring in itself. So, we bring you some tried and tested moving tips to make this process as smooth and streamlined for you as possible.

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  1. First thing’s first. Book your removal provider before your moving day to ensure that you don’t face any unwelcome surprises.
  2. This is important! Many people leave a lot of their packing until the last moment. You should start your packing much earlier so when its time to move, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary delays. Packing is a time-taking process; don’t leave it till the last minute. If you keep the moving team waiting, it might cost you way more than you bargained for. As most firms work according to standard hours, you have to pay them a penalty for going over the set time.
  3. It is important that you keep your removal company updated with any changes in the plan. This way they might be able to find a way to manage things, if need be.
  4. Take guidance from the moving company regarding packing and which items are going to go first in the truck/moving van. You must ensure that the moving company visits your house first, if you have a lot of possessions.
  5. As for the boxes, see that you don’t fill them too much or they would get pretty heavy to carry. Books particularly weigh a lot so always pack them in smaller sized boxes instead. At the same time, take care of underfilled boxes as they can crumple under heavier boxes. Find a good balance or place the underfilled boxes on top of things.
  6. Before buying extra insurance, check with your household policy first. Some household policies cover moving insurance as well. Don’t forget to check with the company regarding insurance in the event of any mishap. If you are moving far away and there is a lot of travel time involved, make sure you leave your vehicle at a safe price while you are gone.
  7. If possible, assign an individual to monitor the proceedings while your possessions are being loaded on-off the moving vehicle. This helps you confirm that everything is checked for and you aren’t missing anything. Secondly, it helps you make sure that nothing gets damaged during the process of loading and offloading.
  8. Ensure that the moving company has blankets to protect your furniture from getting scratched.
  9. Once all your stuff is loaded and you are ready to take off, take another look inside the house to check if anything is still left.
  10. Take travel time and traffic into account, especially if you are paying the moving company by the hour.
  11. Keep some bottled water and snacks on you so you don’t have to waste time making unnecessary stopping overs.

Hope these tips were of help!

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