Home Move: Top Things to Do Before You Move

By · September 3 2019
Home Move: Top Things to Do Before You Move

Even thinking about moving is mentally and physically exhausting. The endless drill of de-cluttering, sorting, packing and labelling boxes takes a toll on you. Then, there is the whole process of getting to the new place, unpacking, and then repeating the same drill in reverse.

We bring you the important things you should remember before you move:

  1. You should have some cash in hand for any last-minute emergencies or basic supplies.
  2. Charge your phone battery because a phone battery dying on you would be the last thing that you would want while directing the moving company to your new abode.
  3. Request a list of recommended local services of the area from your agent. These services could include an electrician, plumber, and trained staff that looks over the heating and air-conditioning of the house. Coming across heating/cooling, electric, or plumbing issues right after you move in is a big nuisance.
  4. If you take any regular medicines, get some extra supplies from your doctor until you find a new doctor around your new home.
  5. If you have pets or young children, arrange for a babysitter. If you have children going off to school, they would need a letter. So, it’s better to write it as soon as you can.
  6. See that all concerned utilities are switched off at your current house before you move.
  7. Round up all your house keys from neighbours, relatives, and nannies and then hand them over to your estate agent or solicitor.
  8. List down all important numbers you might need, such as estate agents, Removal Company, insurance people, and utilities, with their respective account numbers.
  9. Inform your doctor, dentist, and optician that you will be registering with new ones now.
  10. Do not forget about your phone number and internet service. Make sure they are timely transferred over and set up at your new place.
  11. Inform your family and friends about the move. A notification for change of address should also be sent to your bank, insurance company, credit card providers, charities, and building societies. Even if you haven’t ordered anything online lately, it would still be better to change your address on online shops such as Amazon, e-bay, Gumtree or any other that you do shopping from.
  12. Get your hands on the solicitor’s contact details of the seller in case any issues arise in the house.
  13. Start preparing early for the move. Order packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap in advance so you can begin early and efficiently manage your time.

We have tried to cover everything, and we think we have. Keep these things in mind and have a hassle-free move! Happy Moving!

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