Home Moving Tips for seniors and People with Disabilities

By ยท May 13 2019
Home Moving Tips for seniors and People with Disabilities

When we think about moving, even the thought automatically stresses us out. This is because the process is all-consuming both physically and psychologically. Moving to an entirely new place from somewhere you were used to living is not an easy transition at all and you want all your stuff to reach safely wherever you want to move it. The home move becomes even more challenging for those who are seniors with disabilities because this entire procedure is even more stressful for them compared to someone who is young and does not have such problems. This process can become much easier with some tips.

Start to pack at least two months prior

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One of the main things involved in moving is packing. Senior people with disabilities should always start it at least 2 months prior so that they are not stressed out or drained out because of it. They will require the help of a family member or a company, of course, but the packing should start much earlier.

Coordinate with companies and family members

Seniors must make sure that they start coordinating with companies and tell their family members beforehand that they will need their help. This way they will save themselves from any last minute problems and have everything set in motion.

Start making decisions months before

The best thing to do is if they start making decisions about their belongings months before, for example, what they want to keep, what they want to sell and what they want to donate. This will keep things organized. Senior people must start doing it at least 6 months prior to the move.

Hire the company they are most satisfied with

A bad company or an unreliable one will be like the devil especially for senior disabled people. It is always best to hire a moving company with which someone has had actual experience with so that they are a hundred per cent sure about their credibility. There are so many options of moving companies to choose from living in New Zealand so they must make sure to choose the right one. There are also many senior moving services available so you can always choose from them.

Make cleaning arrangements

Seniors must have a clean home to go to. For this, it is best to coordinate with friends or family prior to the move. They can also hire professional cleaning services but they must make sure that this is not done in the spur of the moment.

Make Health Care Arrangements

If for instance, a senior person is moving to a new area it becomes highly essential for them to pre-arrange their health care arrangements. They must see if the current health-care can be transferred and also ask their doctors to suggest them with health care specialists in the area they are moving to. These arrangements must be made way before moving as they will need health care services as soon as they move so it must not be delayed.

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