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How to Decorate for the Holidays Right After Moving In to Your New Home

By · December 6 2021
How to Decorate for the Holidays Right After Moving In to Your New Home

Putting up holiday decorations when you have just moved into your new home is added work to an already laborious process of relocation. You’ll have plenty of tasks lined up like unpacking your boxes, deep-cleaning your new house, planning for home improvements. Not to mention, shopping for gifts and packing them. Decorating for the holidays is something you would most likely skip during this time. But decorating is such a huge part of the holiday season, and it’s hard to just forgo it.

If you think decorating is such an endeavour, we have great ideas to share with you so you still can feel the spirit of the holidays without breaking your back. You don’t have to skip one of the fun parts of the holiday season. Keep reading so you’ll know how to decorate for the holidays after moving into your new home.

A wreath on your front door

When it comes to holiday decorations, a Christmas wreath is easily one of the easiest ways to instantly feel the festivities in your home. You can go for a DIY Christmas wreath made out of pine branches or you can buy it from stores. It’s very easy to install, you don’t have to sweat yourself. You can use command strips to keep it in place, and voila! You have now decked up your front door in time for the holidays. And isn’t it a great way to make an impression on your neighbours too?

 Scented candles                    

Lighting some candles is a simple, yet elegant way to cosy up your any time of the year. It gives ambient lighting to your home. Choose candles with holiday scents such as pumpkin spice, sugar cookie, or spiced sugar plum. This will give your home a warm and inviting scent. If you want something more elaborate, you can also buy decorative candles in the market.

Projector lights

Christmas lights are such a huge part of every home’s Christmas decoration. But when you have just moved to your new home, there can be not enough time to put up elaborate Christmas lights. A convenient alternative to this – projector lights. You can choose whatever lighting pattern you would like. There are projector lights designed to give a winter-wonderland mood by reflecting lights of falling snows and twirling snowflakes. Or if you would like, you can opt for sparkly and moving light patterns, combined with red, blue, and green lasers.

Christmas tree alternatives

Oh, what’s fun it is to put up a Christmas Tree, but we all know how this fun decoration can require much effort and time. If you don’t want to go through with that, you can try putting up a Christmas Tree alternative. You can use your wrapped boxes of gifts (even empty boxes), stack them up to form a tree. Add some string Christmas lights if you like, and adorn the top of it with a star. And now you have yourself a Christmas tree!

Decorations will always be part of the holiday celebration. But more than anything, you need to take things slow and allow some time to enjoy yourself with your family after you move in. The key to achieving this is by getting ready and planning ahead so you can ensure you’ll have an organized and smooth moving on the holiday season. And by the time your movers deliver all your stuff to your new home, you’re ready to decorate and feel the festivities together with your family and new neighbours.

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