How to Find Trusted Movers in Auckland?

By · June 1 2020
How to Find Trusted Movers in Auckland?

Are you preparing for a move in Auckland, NZ? It’s a fact that moving can be one of the most stressful processes there are. For this reason, many people turn to the help of professional movers. This not only takes a great deal of your stress away, but it also makes your move easier and faster. Yet, how do you find trusted Auckland movers?

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Using a tool such as Wise Move allows you to create a free listing that will put you in contact with many moving companies in Auckland. The listing allows you to add photos and specifics of the types of items you need to be moved. Ensuring that you get as detailed as possible will help the movers give you the correct price quote and see if they have what it takes to complete your move.

It’s important to compare all the quotes you receive and carefully look at what services they’ve included. This will prevent any surprises down the road. For example, one company may offer a lower rate but only include 2 movers with the price. However, if you have a lot of furniture and boxes it may be smarter to choose a company whose price is a bit higher but offers 4 movers. The more movers you have the less time the loading and unloading of the truck will take.

Read Reviews From Past Customers

Reading reviews from customers is the best way to get an idea of the type of company you’ll be working with. Just keep in mind that it’s beneficial to read both positive and negative reviews. However, also consider that some of the worst reviews may have been written by previous customers who were extremely upset but the company did everything they could to resolve the issue.

It’s best to read the reviews and use your own judgement. If you find a mover who has just a few complaints, but they offer exactly what you need, it’s probably okay to trust them. Alternatively, you may want to overlook a moving company that has more negative reviews than positive ones.

Consider Credentials

Once you’ve narrowed the list of movers down, it’s time to contact them and ask questions. One of the most important questions to ask is if they are insured. This tells you that not only is the company legitimate, but the insurance will back you up if something goes wrong during the move.

You may also want to determine how many years they’ve been in business. Choosing a company that’s new may work for someone who needs to ship just one item, but when you’re putting all of your prized possessions in their hands you’ll want a company that’s been doing this for some time.

In the end, Wise Move is the best way to help you find trusted movers in Auckland, NZ. Not only will this one-stop-shop save you time, but they also save you money as well. In fact, using this platform can get you rates up to 75% off. This is because the movers who contact you will already be running your route and simply looking to fill their truck again once they’re already in the area. So, don’t waste your precious time - check out Wise Move today!

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