How to Get Friends to Help You Move

By · July 27 2021
How to Get Friends to Help You Move

If you are planning on moving to a new home without the help of a moving company, then you must know that transporting all your belongings from one place to another is such hard work. Getting some help from friends will significantly lessen your burden and help you save money by not paying movers to do the job.

But how do you ask your friends to help you with your move? After all, it’s a big favour to ask. They will have to sacrifice their time to help you with your tasks, some of the tasks are physically taxing like carrying heavy boxes and furniture. To help you how to approach your friends for help, read below.

Give them plenty of time

Bear in mind that your friends have busy schedules just as you are, so you shouldn’t ask them for help at the last minute. You can’t expect them to cancel their plans so they can be there to help you out. You must know that their time is valuable too. So, it is important to inform them that you need help in moving home as early as possible, so they can plan ahead and clear their schedules. 

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Ask the right friends for help

When asking for help, you should consider whom you choose to help you. If your friend has toddlers to take care of or other responsibilities they need to attend to, then it’s best not to enlist their help. You also need to consider the physical capability of the person you ask for help. To lift and carry heavy items, you need to have at least two people that are fit enough to do the task.

It is also recommended to approach friends that are closer to you, they will better understand your need for help and therefore are more reliable compared to those of your casual acquaintances.

Be prepared for when they arrive

Whether you ask them to help you pack, clean, or actual moving of your belongings, make sure that you are well prepared. You should have all the packing materials readily available so you won’t have to run to the store in case you have something you need for packing. Make sure as well that you have finished decluttering so there wouldn’t be unnecessary items to pack. Doing so will help speed up the process of packing, and your friends won’t have to do things that are unnecessary.

If you asked for help to load up your belongings to the moving truck, then you should have moving equipment ready like moving dollies, moving blankets, etc. This will not only speed up the move but will also ensure the safety of your friends helping you out.

Feed your friends

A favour these big needs more than a “thank you”. After all, moving is too much hard work, so make sure you show your gratitude for your friends’ help by way of food. Plus, feeding them will help ensure they get the nourishment they need to perform the tasks you ask them to help you out.

If you are trying to stay on a budget, you can prepare food instead of ordering takeouts. Make sure to do so before the move starts. If you have extra money to spend, ordering food like pizzas is a good idea. Make sure as well you have cold drinks readily available.

Plan to return the favour

If you have friends that are ready to help you in times when you are in great need, then you are lucky. Do plan to reciprocate the favour your friends have given you. When it’s their time to move, don’t wait for them to ask you, make sure to volunteer first.  If they are not moving any time soon, volunteer in helping them on other projects they plan to do.

Hire professional Auckland Movers if you need to

Sometimes, there are tasks that your friends are not prepared and knowledgeable enough to do so. This can be moving a piano or packing delicate items like your paintings. Don’t put your friends responsible for doing tasks that are out of their capacity. Keep in mind that they have limitations and may not be able to do such a complicated moving task. If you want to make sure safety, not just of your delicate items but as well as people helping you with the move, then it’s best to let professionals handle the job. Look for reliable movers in Auckland by using Wise Move. You can submit one request, for either a single furniture move, piano move or home move. Wise Move will get furniture removals service, a man with a van, piano movers and moving companies Auckland to quote for your moving job.

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