How To Keep Kids Busy On Moving Day

By ยท June 3 2019
How To Keep Kids Busy On Moving Day

Moving home can constitute a lot of mental, physical – and even financial stress. It doesn't really get any better when you're moving with kids.

Having kids loiter around you or movers on moving day can be quite frustrating. So, the big question is – what do you do to keep your toddlers and kids from constituting greater stress and probably getting trampled upon on moving day?

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  • Let Them Do Some Writing – If They Can: First of all, you would want to keep them as far away from your moving routes and van as possible. If they’re old enough to express themselves in writing, let them write a composition on the move. They can also describe their choices of the features in your new home in writing.

    By doing this, the stress would be less on you and them as it would seem like every other day to them.

  • Final Box Labelling: Well, if your kids aren’t old enough to express their thoughts in writing, but can spell a few common words; let them help you label the smaller boxes and also put down a list of where each item has been placed in the moving van. Let them do this without coming in between you/the movers and the moving van.

    Once you arrive your new place, they can help you know which box belongs to which room and save you the stress of reshuffling items and boxes later on.

  • Last-Minute Packing: If your kids aren’t old enough to even hold a pen properly, not to worry. You can still keep them as busy as you want them to be – without over-working them.

    While you are busy supervising the movers or moving your furniture, your kids can pack items like their toys and clothing into smaller boxes and you get them sealed. This would make things easier for you and also ensure that nothing is left behind.

  • Talk Them For a Walk: If your kids are still very young and cannot do any of the above, you may have to make out time for them. If you’re a couple, one of you would have to abandon moving activities and take the kids for a walk. However, if you can’t stop your moving activities, you can ask a neighbor or friend for one last favor of walking them for you.

On The Go

While on your way to your new home, don’t just let your kids stare into space all the way. Keep them busy until they probably fall asleep. You can do any of the following in the car:

  • Ask and Answer Questions about Your New Home: Fascinate their minds with details about your new home so they don’t get emotionally stressed out by the move. Let them ask you questions too.
  • Play Games: You can let them play as many games as the journey permits, provided your already packed items don’t get unpacked on the road.
  • Movies and Books: Read to them or encourage them to read interesting books. They can also see fun movies to keep off the stress that accompanies home moving.

Moving would be even more interesting for your kids if you hire a competent moving company through Wise Move.

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