How to Move a Stove or Range

By · May 19 2021
How to Move a Stove or Range

Stove or range can easily get damaged due to its sensitive components. So when moving one, you need to be extremely careful. Since stove and ranges are something that is not commonly moved, a lot of people don’t have knowledge on how to properly do so. If you are one of the many who don’t have any idea how to move a stove or range, then the wise thing to do is get help from a moving company or something cheaper like a man and a van service, since they have the experience and have the proper equipment to ensure the safety of your stove or range while being moved.

Now, if you’re still determined in moving your stove or range on your own, here are some tips you can use so that you don’t end up with a damaged stove or range after it arrives at your new home.

Disconnect the unit

Having to disconnect your stove, whether gas or electric, is not something you should do on your own. This is very dangerous, so unless you are an expert in doing so, you should call in professional help. 

Before moving day, schedule an appliance technician to service your stove. You might need to shell out extra cash to pay for this service, but it’s a small expense to play in making sure the job gets done safely.

Give it a heavy-duty cleaning

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When moving, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done such as decluttering and packing your stuff. Part of that should be thoroughly cleaning your stove or range. This is a very important step that you shouldn’t neglect. Grease should be removed. It will be difficult to get a good grip on a greasy stove, hence giving you or your movers a hard time moving it. To add to that, an unclean stove will leave dirt on the floor of the moving truck and of your new home.

To start with the cleaning process, clean the outside surface of your stove using a washrag and some mild detergent. Then, remove all detachable parts such as grates, knobs, oven racks, broiler pans and plug-in coils. Clean them and pack them separately. Don’t forget to label the box you put them in so it'll be easier for you to find them once you start unpacking. Lastly, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to clean your stove (you can search it online if you have lost the guidelines). You will generally need to raise the stove/range and clean the underneath with a degreaser and finish off with hot, soapy water. Once completely clean, wipe it with a clean rag to dry.

Wrap your stove for protection

After cleaning off and drying your stove/range, it’s now time to get it ready for the move by making sure it’s all wrapped up and protected. Shut the door of your stove by sealing it with packing tape. Next, wrap the electrical chords and secure it with some twist-ties or rubber bands. Lastly, wrap the entire unit with some cushioning materials such as moving blankets.

Carefully move it to the truck

One of the most difficult parts of DIY moves is shifting heavy items to the moving truck. Stoves are very heavy and when incorrectly handled, you can end up with a scratched floor. In order to avoid this, you will need to use a moving plank, moving mat, or better yet, a dolly if you have one available. Make sure you have planned a clear route to the vehicle so you know exactly where to go. If there’s a need for you to move up or downstairs, then you will need to create a ramp. Remember that you need an extra set of hands in order to perform this task safely.

Call a technician to re-connect your stove at your new house

Just like how an expert is needed to disconnect your stove, you will also need an expert to re-connect it once you arrive at your destination. 

If you have a gas range, you will need someone who is expert enough to install it and check the gas supply. Since it will need to be connected to the gas line, any opening must be properly sealed after the installation was done.

For electric ranges, you will need to have your power supply checked for any current electrical requirements since there are some ranges like those with air-ventilated grills, that have different electrical requirements.

Stove or range is quite expensive so ensuring it reaches your destination damage-free is very important. If it ends up damaged, it will be an additional cost to have it repaired or replaced. If you don’t want to take the risk, then better to hire a mover to do the job. Get the help of Wise Move to look for trusted Auckland movers, Wellington movers or any movers in different areas of NZ. Submit a job listing and immediately get quotes from different moving companies, furniture movers, a man with a van service provider.

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