How to Organise a Storage Unit?

By · February 1 2020
How to Organise a Storage Unit?

Buying or renting a storage unit that is quite easy. However, the majority of people find it hard to organise their storage units. They keep adding more stuff in the unit without actually organising it. It is worth noting that planning can help your self-storage unit remain organised.

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Below are tips that can help you organise your self-storage unit to ensure that whenever you need an item, you will get it with ease.

Make a list of the items you put

Create a list of every item in your storage unit. Ensure to keep track of the location where you have put every item. This will save you from a headache, wondering where all the items are. Big items are easy to remember because you can even see them. The small items can give you a hard time to track them, especially when already in the storage mover.

Use clear plastic bins instead of boxes

Most of the people prefer using boxes because they are cheap and sometimes free. It more recommended that you use clear bins regardless of their prices. This is because boxes are not water-resistant and can get crushed ant time. Clear bins will protect the belonging inside and allow you to see what is inside. You will not need to keep opening and digging through the boxes looking for an item because you can see where you have packed and stored every item even while in the storage mover.

Think vertical when to organise a storage unit

It is recommended that you think vertical when organising your storage unit for you to get the best results. Disassemble large furniture such as tables and put them on end. This helps you to make the best of the space in your storage unit. If you store boxes and larger items vertically, you will get more space at the top of your storage unit hence creating more space even on the floor part.

Sort all Items in order priority

When packing the items in the storage unit, it is always wise to put in front of the items which will be used frequently. This will save you from moving other stuff and bunches of boxes every single time you require an item you use more frequently. The items which you may not frequently require such as furniture and extra mattresses can be stored at the back of the storage unit.

Label every box you pack

Ensure that you label every box both on one side and on the top. Give each box a unique number. Remember to indicate the room that the box came from and the content inside the box. The more detailed you become, the easier it will become when finding all the items that you require. Put a special mark on the boxes that you require to access during storage and put them last in the storage unit after you have put all the other items.

If the storage unit is not organised, you are likely to spend a lot of time digging inboxes as you look for a particular item. The above tips will help you in maximizing the use of your spaces.

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