How To Pack And Load a Moving Truck

By · May 6 2019
How To Pack And Load a Moving Truck

It's just about that time when you get to change locations or probably get a bigger, better place. Whether you think you can handle your belongings all by yourself or you're getting help from neighbours, friends and family members, there are certain things you need to have in mind if the eco-friendly moving van you've hired is going to serve you and do so efficiently.

How to Pack

1. First Things First

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Irrespective of how big and spacious the truck you hired maybe, if you're unable to arrange and put your belongings in order before loading them to the truck, you're entire moving may get exhaustively frustrating.

For starters, ensure you've got a strong rope, a tape, shoulder straps, firm moving boxes, moving trolley, and tie downs to make your packing less tiring and keep your items in the safest conditions while you move.

Don't just throw your stuff onto the truck, arrange them in suitable boxes with labels and separate the heavier items from the lighter ones.

2. Protect your Fragile Belongings

Nothing hurts more than moving to a better place only to discover most of the items from your old home have been damaged during relocation. To save yourself this kind of heartbreak, properly wrap and pad - where applicable - items like glasses, art products, chinas, television and refrigerators to keep them from getting damaged while you move.

3. Get Ready to Load

Make mental comparisons of the space on the truck against the sizes and number of your items so you'd know just where to fit each item. Also, ensure the route to the moving truck from your home is free of obstacles and barricades. This would make moving heavier items less dangerous for you.

Loading the Moving Van

1. Load the Truck in Order

To save your items and some of your time, let the heavier, larger items remain at the base and walls of the moving truck so that smaller ones can very easily fit in between.

Also place items as close as possible to each other to reduce the movement of items while on the move. Remember to always load moving trucks from back to front and then arrange all the way to the roof of the van.

Your fragile items should also be placed behind padded items like mattress so as to eliminate the risks of damage.

2. Balance Up Weights

To make the drive less frustrating, ensure that weights are evenly distributed in the truck by placing heavy objects on every side of the truck. Avoid concentrating them on one side of the truck, especially if you'll need to drive through the highway to a far place.

Do not also forget to use the loading straps provided in the truck if you're not ready to pull over by the road to get a fallen box.

3. Load Safely

Your fragile items are not the only items that should arrive at your new home in one piece, - you should too. Ensure you have help while packing and loading a moving truck, no matter how little. Never attempt to lift very heavy objects alone and don't be afraid of using trolleys to transit objects from your home to the truck.

Always steady yourself with your back as straight as possible when lifting heavy objects and ensure you wear thick gloves when you handle sharp ones.

Too much to remember I guess. Wise Move can save you all the stress of remembering to pad the television and label the boxes. Get free quotes today and enjoy the fantastic option of choosing a moving company that suits your taste right from the comfort of your bed and at the lowest price possible.

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