How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

By · February 23 2021
How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

There are different reasons for moving a car or other vehicles from one place to another. It may be because you don’t want the hassle of the long-distance drive, you are not available to drive the car, or because the car is inoperable. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, there are preparations you need to do before your chosen car transporter collect it for transport.

Here are the things you need to know so you can prepare your car for shipping.

Wash your car

It is important to wash your car before your car transporter picks it up. Why? It will allow you to see existing dents and scratches. And once it arrived to its destination, you can easily identify any new damages that occurred during the transport.

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Clean your car’s interior

When your car is being transported, it may be shifted or jostled around. Any loose items inside it may cause some damage. So, you need to secure items inside it like air freshener, loose change, cables, etc. It is also advisable to remove personal items like electronics. Car transport companies typically won’t insure any personal items left inside the car.

Check insurance coverage

It is very unlikely that your vehicle will get any damages during its transport, but as they say – better safe than sorry. So, make sure you have some coverage if anything goes wrong. Even when your car transporter has insurance, it is highly advisable to have your own insurance too. Check both your own car insurance and your car transporter’s, so you know what it covers.

Gather documents of your vehicle

To know that the vehicle you are going to transport is truly yours, there are car transport companies who will ask for documents that prove it is under your ownership. So, to avoid any delays, you will need to get this ready in advance. Car transporters will generally ask for paper works such as:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Bill of sale or other proof that you own the vehicle
  • Your identification (driver’s license, passport, any government-issued ids)

Check for fluid leaks

Before your car transporter arrives, you should check your car for any leaks. Make sure to have it repaired prior to moving. Car transporter may refuse to transport your car if there are any aggressive leaking because it will not only affect your car but also other vehicles on the trailer if it is being transported in a multi-level trailer.

Fix tire leaks

It is important that your tires are fully inflated. A vehicle with a flat tire is not safe to transport because it can cause damage to the trailer while it’s being loaded/unloaded, and it can cause damage to your car’s rim too. Prior to moving, you should fix tire leaks, and replace any bad tires.

Don’t gas up

Since your vehicle will be transported and not driven, it is not necessary to have a full tank of gas. It will make your vehicle heavier and it may leak out during transit. A quarter gallon of fuel will be enough to drive it to and from the trailer.

Disable alarms

Don’t forget to remove alarms to avoid causing any distraction to the transporters. The alarm can go off while in transit and will need to be disabled. This is an added effort to them that can cause a delay in transport.

Remove toll tags

Your car transporter will pass highways and bridges and if you haven't removed toll tags from your car, you can get charged for the toll fee unnecessarily. Avoid this trouble and make sure to remove toll tags from your vehicle. Remember that this is your responsibility and any charges incurred by not doing so is not the car transporter's liability.

Lock your vehicle

Once the vehicle is loaded into the truck/trailer, make sure to have it locked. Keep in mind though that your car transporter may need it in case it needs to be moved so you have to leave a spare key for them. So, have a spare key prepared in advance.

Preparing your car before you have it transported will help minimize hassle during the process, resulting in safe and fast transport. Now if you still haven’t hired a car transporter, better start looking for one through Wise Move. Its network of trusted and reliable car transporter is waiting for you to submit your listing and give you competitive quotes.

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