How to Properly Pack and Load a Moving Truck

By · September 17 2021
How to Properly Pack and Load a Moving Truck

Loading a moving truck is not something that we usually do unless we are working in a moving company as furniture movers. This is going to be a real challenge if you are planning a DIY move and you don’t have knowledge on how to properly pack and load a moving truck. A lot of things could go wrong that can lead to damage to the items you are moving.

You may not have the experience like movers do, but with research and preparation, you still can pack and load your moving truck like a pro. You don’t have to look further because below, we have outlined some basic rules on how to properly do this task smoothly when your moving day comes. 

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Know what size of truck you need

If you have a lot of things to move, your best bet is to use a moving truck to fit all that you need to move. So, at least a month or two before your moving day, you should already have a moving truck reserved. Truck rental companies offer different sizes of moving trucks and vans, so you should decide which size to use to make your move efficient. The rent for a moving van or a small moving truck may be cheaper compared to the large one, but you might end up doing multiple trips, which will not only cost you more on fuel but will also cost you more time and effort. To help you figure out what size or truck you need, you can calculate the total volume of your inventory by using the Wise Move inventory volume calculator.

Gather packing supplies and equipment

Make sure to have packing supplies and equipment to use for the move. You need sturdy moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packing tape, moving dolly, straps, moving blankets and furniture pads. It’s important to ensure that your items are well packed and protected. Items may shift inside the truck while in transit. Adding moving blankets and filling up the gaps with paddings can help avoid your belongings from shifting. Moving straps can be used to hold items in place.

The largest and heaviest items should be loaded first

When you’re ready to start loading items inside the moving truck, you should start with the largest and heaviest items first. These are your refrigerator, washer and dryer, dining table, bed frames, mattresses and couches. The weight of these items may crush other lighter items if you load them last, so it’s important to keep them against the far wall of the truck. You should balance the truck by loading heavy items on both sides of the truck.

Disassemble large furniture

A lot of furniture we have at home are awkwardly shaped, thus takes up a lot of space. By taking these pieces of furniture apart, you can save up a lot of space on your moving truck. And not only that, moving them is a lot easier, especially if you have to go through narrow hallways or stairs. Just make sure to do this in advance to avoid delays on your moving day. Parts that are small should be packed and secured properly to avoid misplacing them.

Keep your couches, headboards, mattress in an upright position

Another tip on how to save up space on your moving truck is by placing large furniture items in an upright position. Your items like couches, headboards, mattresses and tables will take up a lot of space if laid horizontally, so don’t make this mistake.

Load your moving boxes and other items

After loading all your large and heavy items, it’s time to load your moving boxes and items. Like how you started loading your truck, you should start with heavy boxes. Lighter boxes and items can be placed on top of heavy ones. Before loading fragile items like mirrors, flat screen tv, pictures frames, kitchen items and smaller appliances, you should make sure that they are well-protected.

Ask help from family and friends

Moving is such a taxing task, so asking for help from family and friends is something you should not hesitate in doing so. It’s impossible to carry large and heavy items on your own and load them in the moving truck. This will only result in damaging your items, and even getting yourself injured. Having family or friends to help you, can help you speed up the process.

It’s important to remember that the best way to pack your moving truck is with proper care. Avoid rushing. But if you are not up for a DIY move, you can always ask for help from moving companies near you. Not sure where to find them? Wise Move can help you with that. Moving quotes from reputable movers in Auckland, Wellington and anywhere in NZ is only one request away. Submit your request now and get multiple quotes from local and national moving companies, furniture movers, a man with van service, and even piano movers!

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