Is It Cheaper to Ship Furniture or to Buy New Ones When Moving into a New Home?

By · May 10 2019
Is It Cheaper to Ship Furniture or to Buy New Ones When Moving into a New Home?

When moving into a new home, deciding the fate of your furniture could be a very tricky thing to do. Often, people get stuck in limbo trying to decide if it’s best to move their old furniture or to dispose of them and buy new ones. To make a wise decision, here are some of the factors to consider.

What does the furniture mean to you?

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There is this widespread belief that moving into a new home is synonymous with having a new beginning, and hence it should be a time for a complete personal makeover. People see it as an opportunity to do away with some old stuff and replace them with new ones. This change is inevitable most times, but when it comes to things like furniture, you may need to have a rethink, especially if some of the pieces have a special place in your heart, or if there's a significant story attached to them. If there’s any such sentimental attachment or precious memories, then it would be best for you to move the furniture.

Cost of transportation

Secondly, the cost of moving furniture is an essential deciding factor. You have to consider the distance between your former home and the new one. If you’re moving locally within a short distance, then it would be best to move your furniture to the new house, as the cost of transportation may not be too expensive. But if you’re moving to a faraway city, where you’d have to spend a lot on shipping, then it may be best to buy new ones.

Complexity of the task

Some kinds of furniture are designed in a very sophisticated manner, and moving them would require a lot of disassembling and reassembling. If you don’t have the expertise to disassemble these items and reassemble them when you get to your new home, then you’d need to hire an expert, and this involves spending extra money.

Cost of the furniture

Some furniture pieces are so expensive that disposing or selling them off may not be an easy decision to make. This decision becomes even tougher when you see that the furniture will be a perfect fit for your new home. In such cases, it may be inevitable to beat all the odds and ship the furniture to your new home.

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