Items You Should Toss Before Moving

By · November 27 2020
Items You Should Toss Before Moving

Planning to move to a new house? Consider getting rid of some stuff and make more room for your new belongings. The less stuff you move, the lesser you will pay the movers. Plus, you get to live clutter-free. 

We’ve got these tips on what are the things to get rid of before moving. 

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1. Clothes that you haven’t worn for years

Moving is the perfect time to check and organize your wardrobe. Keep the clothes that you love and you still wear often. If you have clothes that no longer fit, or no longer in style. You can donate it to charities or to those who are in need 

2. Children’s Toys 

Toys take up a lot of space. If you don’t have any kids in your neighbourhood choose a charity on your location and donate any toys that your children have outgrown or never use. Toy donations will bring happiness to other kids. 

3. Small Appliances

You can donate older home appliances that are still in good working condition. For electronics less than 5 years old and is still in good condition, take the item to thrift shops and electronic retailers or you can donate them to a non-profit organization. But anything that is no longer working should be tossed out, these electronics are heavy to move and just collecting dust in old homes. 

4. Furniture 

If you are downsizing, figure out what you need to do with your excess furniture. Keep the furniture that you love or if you are planning to pass it down to someone. But if it isn’t valuable to you or you no longer plan to reuse that furniture you can toss it or you can also donate it. 

5. Unused kitchenware

Moving is the way to fully de-clutter your kitchen. Get rid of junky mugs and unused kitchen utensils such as dull knives. If you are no longer using them, they are just taking up space.

6. Linens and towels 

Linens and towels are bulky to pack and should be replaced every year anyway. Furnish your new bathroom with fresh new towels. 

7. Books you won’t re-read

Moving to a new house with your entire book collection won’t be a good idea. Books are heavy when packed together in a box and may take up a lot of removal space. And packing all your books will increase your moving or transportation cost. If you can’t sell your books. Donate them to charity or to the local library or give them away to your friends. You know that your books will be in good hands. Plus, you can save money on the transportation cost

8. Food products 

Check just how much food you actually have in your fridge before moving. Share perfectly good fruit and veggies with your friends. Same goes to your mini bar if you are not planning to bring your open handle of champagne or your pack of beer, donate it to your neighbours. You can also unstock your bar. Have a party with your friends. 

And if you want to use up as much food possible before your moving day. You must limit your trips to the grocery store or you can cook the leftover food supplies in your fridge, instead of spending money to eat out. 

After you properly disposed of all of your unnecessary belongings. Start planning for the relocation itself. If you are seeking for the best movers anywhere in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand? Wise Move is the best place to search for a moving company to cater to your moving needs.

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