Moving Home On a Public Holiday in New Zealand – Pros and Cons

By · April 26 2019
Moving Home On a Public Holiday in New Zealand – Pros and Cons

People prefer to relocate during public holidays so that their work and their children's school are not encroached upon by their relocation. Whether you’re in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton or Wellington, before you decide to relocate on a public holiday, there’s a list of things you have to first put into consideration. These considerations have been explained in the pros and cons outlined below:

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  • Automatic Leave from Work and School

    Virtually all establishments in New Zealand exempt their employees from work during public holidays and so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with work while you relocate during a public holiday. You also don’t have to remove as much as a dime from your yearly leave allowance to fund your movement.

  • New Session in School

    Major public holidays in New Zealand usually marks the end of a school term. So if you’re moving with kids, the holidays would favour them a lot because they’d be able to resume a fresh term/session in their new school.

  • Settle in Comfortably

    If you’re planning to move homes during any public holiday in New Zealand, be rest assured you’d settle in peace as businesses that would ordinarily keep cities busy are shut down during the holidays. You also get to relax and peacefully get acquainted to your new environment without worrying about being on the run for work the following day.


  • Leaving Your Folks

    During most public holidays in New Zealand, many towns and cities always have public activities and events such as carols and carnivals. This means that a lot of people get to gather together with friends and family and I bet you, leaving your network of friends and family at this time is never an easy thing to do.

  • Some Items Become Difficult to Get

    During public holidays, most businesses and shops remain closed. So if you intend to move during the holidays, ensure you have basic supplies like food and groceries before you move because you might have a hard time getting them around some towns and cities in New Zealand.

  • Busy! Busy!! Busy!!!

    If you’re moving homes during public holidays in New Zealand, get ready to deal with large crowds and commodities at hiked prices. Given that most suppliers and shops would be closed during the holiday, the very few items you might find would definitely be at elevated prices and you’ll have to deal with large crowds of people at virtually every corner you turn.

  • You’re Definitely Not the Only One Moving

    Just as you’ve figured out that the holiday season is the best time to move, much more people think so too and a lot of them might have even started packing right before you decide to move. This means that most moving companies would have already been booked months before your proposed date. If you’re unable to finalize on your relocation date early enough, you might have a little trouble getting a good moving company to help with your relocation.

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