Should I Purchase Moving Insurance Before Moving?

By · March 22 2021
Should I Purchase Moving Insurance Before Moving?

If you are planning to do a home move and are looking to hire a home mover to help you out, it probably has crossed your mind whether to purchase moving insurance. Moving your furniture and other belongings puts them at risk. Even when your items are to be moved by the most careful home movers in NZ, there is still a possibility that a moving accident can happen because of factors that are beyond the movers' control like weather, movement, shock, pressure, etc.

To give you peace of mind from possible mishaps and prepare yourself in case something wrong happens, it is wise to get insurance before moving. To help you understand more about how moving insurance works, we’ve put together a simple guide for you.

What is moving insurance?

Transit insurance provides financial coverage for your belongings in case any damage or loss was incurred during transit.

You can purchase transit insurance as a standalone product from insurance providers, home movers or moving companies.

What is the coverage of moving insurance?

There are different kinds of cover depending on the policy of each insurance providers. But they generally cover the following:

  • Loss or damage to your goods during packing and unpacking

  • Damage or loss to your goods while being loaded or unloaded

  • Loss or damage to your goods while in transit (e.g. caused by road accidents, fires, derailment, theft, impact or malicious damage. Also the grounding of vessels, crashes and forced landings for aircraft)

  • Damage or loss to your goods caused by removalist mishandling

What about contents insurance?

Just like moving insurance, contents insurance differs from one policy to another. If you have an existing contents insurance policy, it may include cover for your belongings while in transit. But that’s not often the case. Generally, most contents insurance don’t cover your belongings while in transit. So, it is recommended that you contact your insurer so you know exactly what it covers.

How to get insurance for moving home in NZ?

Your moving company’s insurance

Moving companies are not legally required to have insurance to cover their customer’s belongings when being move. But most reputable moving companies have their insurance. Make sure to check of your chosen home mover have insurance and ask what it covers. Carefully research your options and don’t forget to ask for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.

Standalone transit or moving insurance

If your chosen moving company’s insurance coverage is not enough for your belongings, then it is recommended you purchase your own insurance. Look for some moving and storage providers that offer transit/moving insurance.

The price of the insurance policy will depend on factors such as the value of your belongings and the circumstances you wanted your belongings to be covered. So you can get a full understanding of the coverage, it’s best to read the fine prints, or better yet, talk to the provider directly.

Any other tips for protecting my move?

  • Take photos of your belongings before your home movers collect them on your moving day. This way, you have proof to show your item’s condition before it was moved.

  • Pack your items properly and carefully to reduce the odds of them getting damaged during loading/unloading and in transit. Secure sturdy moving boxes or your items and use protective materials such as moving blankets, pads, bubble wraps, etc.

  • Hire trusted NZ movers to help you out with your move. Check reviews of previous customers so you will have an idea of the quality of service they provide to their customers. If you need help in looking for trusted home movers in NZ, submit a listing through Wise Move and easily get quotes from trusted moving companies in NZ.

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