Tips for Better Office Move

By ยท July 1 2019
Tips for Better Office Move

The need to relocate an office/business may arise due to expansion, downsizing plans or just the owner's wishes to move to a better location. Regardless of the reason behind it, what's more important to understand is that the process of office relocations differs greatly from home and other moves as during this transition, there's a lot more that the office move relocation handlers/managers must consider. Since there is a long list of things to consider and take care of, it is crucial to make sure that the office relocation takes place smoothly and efficiently. 

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Here is a list of some key tips for better office removals to help you in executing your office move relocation plans in an organized and strategic manner and avoid lost hours as much as possible. 


Planning for your commercial move strategically way in advance is crucial to the eventual smooth transition. Most offices and businesses start planning it out as early as 6 months before, but it depends on the size of the office in focus as well. Nevertheless, a gap of at least 3 months is necessary. 

The moving strategy should focus greatly on a comprehensive floor plan for the new office location to make sure that the removers are given clear directions about the placement of each of the pieces being moved-furniture, etcetera. 

Moreover, the entire workforce should be involved during the planning process of your office relocation as each employee will play a great role here. Their responsibilities and tasks should be defined clearly to ensure that they're aware of exactly how they're expected to act during & after the big move. 

Hence, in addition to allowing you to properly prepare all your furniture and equipment in advance for the move, effective planning will also ready your office's employees for it. 

Make an Office Removal Checklist 

Developing and working with a checklist is undoubtedly one of the most helpful ways you can hope to keep track of things; you can easily list out the things you need, the ones that you don't and you can keep referring back to it from time to time to monitor the progress of your office move relocation. Giving updated copies of it to your employees and removers can also help in keeping every 'moving' stakeholder on the same page. 

Most of all though, your office relocation checklist will simply serve the primary but major task of letting you encounter forgetfulness and avoid losing items. 

Create an Office Move Relocation Team

It's true that all removals are stressful. However, when a commercial move is being considered, the pressure and stress doubles as there are a LOT of elements involved during the move. Hence, it would be wise and intelligent to organize a separate relocation team. This team can include employees from your office and even an external professional as the team’s head. The formation of this team will allow all the people involved-staff, removers, etcetera- to take guidance and help from them in areas where they may get stuck.

Hire Professional Moving Companies

This is particularly important and vital when office relocations are being executed as the moving process will require handling by professional who have the suitable resources, equipment and experience. Their skills and expertise will ensure that your office furniture move carries on smoothly as furniture removal tends to be complicated area.

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