Tips For Securing Your New Home

By · January 12 2021
Tips For Securing Your New Home

Buying your own new home is a momentous event for everyone. You get excited to be living and starting anew. At the same time, you can get very occupied with the moving process and that may lead you to miss important things you should tackle before and after you arrived at your new home. One of that is securing that your family, belongings and your entire premises are secured.

Home security should be top on your list. So, before your trusted home movers arrived and unloaded your belongings, make sure you have already started securing your new home. Below are the things you need to tackle for your home security.

1. Ensure all your doors and windows are secured

Burglars will always look where they have easy access to your home. Your first line of defence against them is your doors and windows so you need to ensure that before you move in, these are all secured. Check if all doors can be locked correctly. If not, you should have it replaced or repaired as It’s important to have all your locks changed, especially external locks. Why? Well, no matter how trustworthy the previous homeowners are, you don’t know who has a spare key to your newly purchased home. Don’t forget to include changing locks to your garage door, sheds or other parts of your new home.

Consider reinforcing your windows with bars and grilles. You can also install pin locks that allow you to keep your window partially open but still secure. You can add window security film as well to allow more privacy and keep your valuable things out of the sight of some prying eyes.

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2. Install a home security system

This may cost you quite a lot, but installing a home security system is worth it. A home security system can monitor your home and alert authorities in case someone tries to commit burglary in your new home. Having a home security system doesn’t just increase the odds of catching intruders but also discourages burglars from breaking into your home. Nowadays, there are a lot of home security solutions in the market, so you can purchase based on your budget or the protection you require.

Want to know more about the benefit of having a home security system? Most insurers will offer discounts to homeowners with a home security system because when determining insurance rates, they consider house susceptibility to break-in and theft. So, remember to ask your insurance company about this feature.

3. Keep your yard clean and bright

When your yard has dense trees, overgrown shrubs and insufficient lighting, burglars will find it easier to sneak in without being noticed. Don’t give them that advantage, prune your overgrown shrubs and trees around your home. Place lights especially in the dark corners of your premises. Consider adding motion-sensing lights on your yard that activates once somebody is near them.

A bonus of having a clean and bright yard, your neighbours will surely appreciate you for it.

4. Be friends with your new neighbours

Once you have arrived at your new home and have everything unpacked, take some time to visit your new neighbours, introduce yourself and have a friendly chat. If your neighbours know you, they are more likely to look out for you. If they are around on any days you’re away from home, they can alert you if there are any suspicious activity occurs while you’re gone. Tight-knitted communities have lower crime rates because neighbours look after each other.

Securing your new home is essential. It gives you peace of mind because you know that your family and your belongings are safe in your new home. But if you haven’t moved yet, hiring a professional to help you with your big move can give you peace of mind too because you can ensure your belongings will arrive safely to your new home. If you’re considering this, get the help of Wise Move in looking for a reliable and trusted home mover and moving company anywhere you are in NZ.

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