Tips for Student Moving

By · July 24 2019
Tips for Student Moving

Moving can be a very stressful process when it comes to accommodating the entire household. However, the situation is not very different when a student move is being considered. In fact, it may just be even more overwhelming as the students have to shoulder all of the moving responsibilities themselves. Here are a few useful tips from our platform's experts to guide you and help you during a student move. 

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Book Movers and Plan in Advance

Showing laziness and carelessness when planning can create various problems for a student when the moving time finally arrives. Those who haven't planned the big move beforehand are very likely to approach the process very dauntingly and hastily, producing ineffective and inefficient results. Taking little time out of your academically busy schedule can go a long way and help you be stress-free while preparing for your final exams.

Planning early can allow you to save up and even afford to hire one of the leading moving companies or Man with a Van businesses in New Zealand. These services can be extremely important for a student who must deal with furniture removals as part of their student move. Moreover, you might just be able to look into saving transport costs; avail discounts and benefit from deals-shared loads, etcetera-while planning the 'bigger' details of your student move with an external party. 

You can access our website and save yourself some precious time by comparing quotes from some of the best specialized moving companies in New Zealand here for free! 

Bag Clothes 

Bag, don't pack! Bagging all of your clothes can most definitely save you A LOT of time and effort while packing, moving and unpacking. This method of moving clothes is by far the most efficient one we've picked out for you. All you'll need is a giant trash bag (these are available easily) and just simply lower all your clothes in it while they're still hanging. After that, just tie these bags at the top of your hangers and you'll be good to go!

This trick completely eliminates the need for you to fold or roll your clothes, unpack and hang all of them after you've reached your new home/apartment/dorm. As a bonus, it even saves you the space your hangers would've occupied had they been packed separately! 

Organize Your Move by Listing and Color-coding Boxes

Going through with this technique is not that tough and can actually prove to be a fun exercise for you. Listing and color-coding all of your packed boxes can help you keep track of them during and after the move and also prevent you from losing any of your items. It'll also help you stay informed and in control when unpacking as you'll know which box contains items that are to be arranged in, for example, the bathroom.

Moreover, the color-coding will prove to be quite handy in making things easier for people from one of the moving companies or Man with a Van businesses. You can put up colored tapes in your new home, instruct the moving team totally the colors and leave the boxes in their relevant place. 

Accommodate Heavy Items in Luggage 

Take full advantage of your wheeled luggage by carrying heavy items in them. We've already provided you with the most efficient way of moving clothes-bagging. Hence, your wheeled luggage is free to store and carry all other heavy items that would otherwise occupy boxes unnecessarily: books (as a student you're bound to have many of these), cookware, cutlery, picture frames, paintings, etcetera.

This may move a little outside of the traditional way luggage is utilized but it certainly will prove to be effective and efficient for your student move! 

Keep an Overnight Box/Bag 

There is a high probability of you being too tired and exhausted to start unpacking and looking for stuff after moving into your new home. Hence, it would be a good idea to pack a smaller box or bag with necessary items that you'll need in the next few days or right after moving in, such as toiletries, fresh clothes, towels, etcetera. 

This is an important step and will only take you about 10-15 minutes during the 'big' packing, but will help you stay relaxed and gradually prepare yourself for the 'big' unpacking. 

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