What To Look For When Buying A Secondhand Piano

By · February 2 2020
What To Look For When Buying A Secondhand Piano

Buying a used piano is a great alternative to acquiring a new one because it is cheaper. However, there are uncertainties concerning the things to look for when buying it.

Here are the aspects to consider when purchasing a secondhand piano. These factors will help you build confidence, make the right choices, and save money.

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Why Is The Piano Being Sold?

There are many reasons why a secondhand piano can be sold off. While some may be genuine, others are false. So be careful to scrutinize the reasons given by sellers so as not to end up with a faulty or ineffective piano. Reasons that suggest that the seller wants to make some money may be good reasons to get suspicious about the piano. If the seller wants to purchase another piano, you may ask him why he prefers the other piano over the current one.

First Impressions of the Piano

The impression you get when you see a piano is very crucial. You should look at whether the key covering is discoloured or dirty. This can help you know whether the piano has been properly maintained. As you assess the piano, check carefully to ensure that there are no missing keys. Also, ensure that you hire an experienced piano transportation firm to ensure the piano arrives at your desired location in the same condition as you bought it.

How Does The Piano Play?

Make sure you play the piano before buying it. Listen to the sound and make sure the dampers are functioning properly. Find out whether some notes are ringing even when the keys are up, or the piano is sounding as if the rest of the keys are ringing on. If you identify such incidences, it means the dampers have a problem. Also, if you hear buzzes or bad rattles when playing the piano, know that it has an internal problem.

Know the Piano's History

You should ensure that you have known how the number of time the piano had been tuned in the past. It is recommended that a piano is tuned not less than two times a year. Anything less may indicate that the piano may be out of tune or has internal issues.

At this juncture, it is good that you find out the age of the piano. The easiest way to do this is requesting for the piano's serial number. This will help you find out the age of that piano and whether it was acquired legally.

Find Out The Number Of Times The Piano Has Been Moved

It is good that you find out if the piano has been moved around many times. This will help you to widely examine the issues that may be associated with piano transportation. As you evaluate this, do not forget to find out where it has ever been stored. A piano that has previously been stored in humid areas is likely to have internal problems. So probe and know whether such has ever happened.

Wrap up

After you have ensured that the musical instrument is in good condition, you can go ahead and purchase it. The next thing you should consider is your piano transportation. It is essential to hire a professional piano mover to guarantee that your piano will arrive at the intended destination in good condition.

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