Why You Shouldn't Move a Piano by Yourself

By · February 7 2020
Why You Shouldn't Move a Piano by Yourself

Whether you want to relocate to a new house or move a new piano to your home, it can be difficult to figure out about your piano transportation. This is because of their intricate parts and heavy weight. While some people think that it is cheaper and easy to move a piano on their own, it isn’t.

Wondering why you shouldn’t move a piano on your own. Here are some key reasons:

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A Piano Isn’t Furniture

It is wrong to think that a piano is not different from any other piece of furniture in your house. After all, some individuals own pianos but never play them; instead, they use them more or less like a furniture décor. But when moving a piano, it is unfortunate to treat it like furniture.

Pianos can weigh several hundred kilograms and usually have different components, including pedals, wires, and keys. Any of these elements can break or get damaged when mishandled and fixing or replacing them is costly. It is for these reasons that pianos shouldn’t be treated as furniture. As such, you shouldn’t try to relocate a piano on your own.

Specialized Equipment Is Needed

Piano transportation experts possess not only appropriate skills but also to have special tools that help them to relocate pianos securely. For example, they have skid boards and piano dollies that facilitate the movement of very heavy pianos from a particular place to another. If you decide to transport your piano alone, yet you don’t have such specialized equipment, you are likely to harm yourself or damage your valuable musical instrument.

If you intend to buy the equipment and make the piano movement process manageable, a skipping board alone will cost you several hundred dollars. You can easily avoid the ordeal by hiring a professional piano transport company. Such firms have proper trucks and related tools that ensure the stability of your piano while in motion. Whether you need to move your piano within the home or from one place to another, you need the help of experienced professionals.

Pianos Have Awkward Shapes And Uneven Weight

The use of physical spaces is an essential design element that enables pianos to create their sounds. For instance, the lower notes of some pianos need longer and heavier strings, and this takes up more physical space. For this reason, pianos are designed with awkward shapes, and their weight is not evenly distributed on all sides.

This is particularly for some pianos like the uprights that appear even, but their weight is unevenly distributed on the inside. So moving such a piano alone is not as easy as you might think.

Damage Surrounding Space

If you are an amateur piano mover, there is a high possibility of dropping the piano in the movement process. When that happens, you will not only damage the piano but also cause harm to surrounding spaces. Common space damage includes wall holes, floors, scratches, and doors dents.

Consequently, repairs to damaged spaces might translate into hundreds of dollars. Of course, you might end up with more and severe damages that that; from having snagged carpet to gouged wood floor. You wouldn’t want to end up with such damage.

In conclusion, you need professional help regardless of the distance your piano is being moved. You don’t want to get injured, damage your piano and spaces, or get sued for damaging someone else’s property.

Hiring a professional piano transportation company isn’t just a great idea; it is essential!

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