7 Tips for Moving in a Rainy Day

By · July 19 2021
7 Tips for Moving in a Rainy Day

So, you have finally settled everything for your upcoming moving day – cleaned, packed, and confirmed your move with your movers. But what if rain is in the weather forecast and there’s no way for you to reschedule anymore? This is one of the most dreadful things that can happen on a moving day and clearly, something that is out of control.

To prepare for the worst, here are the things that you can do to carry on with your relocation while keeping your belongings safe and dry.

1. Prepare rain moving supplies

You will obviously need more supplies when moving on a rainy day. So, aside from your usual moving supplies, make sure to have the things that will come in handy when moving with a downpour. Make sure to have plenty of garbage bags and shrink wraps, these will be your best friends. Preparing some extra towels, umbrellas, rain boots, raincoats and a change of clothes is also a wise thing to do to keep you from soaking wet during your moving day.

2. Wrap everything with plastic

Moving blankets are generally used to protect items from damages when being moved, but we all know moving blankets are not waterproof and won’t protect your items from getting wet. Your best choice is to wrap it with plastic, like shrink wrap or garbage bags. Use shrink wraps on large pieces of furniture like your couch and wood shelves. Don’t forget your mattresses as well.

Wrap your smaller items in garbage bags to protect them from getting wet. You can also place your paper items and books in a garbage bag before you pack them in a plastic container to add a layer of protection.

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3. Set up a canopy tent

Setting up a canopy tent between your front door and the moving truck will help eliminate or shorten the distance of your belongings being carried out in the pouring rain. This will effectively protect your items and your movers from getting all soaked up.

4. Gather your boxes and other items in your garage or hallway

Even though you are leaving your old home, you still would want to protect it and make sure to not leave a mess. So, to minimize the need to traipse around with you and your movers’ wet footwear, gather your items first in one place closer to your moving truck, like in your garage or your hallway.

5. Make an assembly line

Another best way to avoid tracking mud inside your home is to move your items through an assembly line. Designate a person to bring the items to the door. Another person will bring it towards the moving truck, and then another who is going to arrange the items inside the moving truck. Same goes when you arrive in your new home.

This is the best strategy that Auckland movers follow when moving on bad weather conditions. You can also follow this if you decide for a DIY move.

6. Wipe off items as you load them

The towels that you prepare will be so useful in wiping boxes and items as soon as they get loaded in the moving truck. Place a few towels on the portion of the truck bed where the items will be placed first and then wipe the items dry. This will avoid making puddles in the truck and prevent your items from getting all soaked up.

7. Unpack wet items first

Sometimes, having wet boxes or items can’t be avoided. So, make sure that once your movers have delivered your items to your new home, unpack your wet boxes and items first. It’s not wise to keep them soaking. This can result in moulds and mildews, or worst damage to your items.

Moving home proves to be a stressful process and rain can only make it worst. Following the tips above will greatly help you in overcoming a rainy moving day. But if you think it’s too risky for a DIY move when it’s raining, the smart thing to do is to let professionals handle it. Wise Move will help you find a suitable moving company for your relocation, may it be a home move or an office move. Just submit one request and Wise Move will get you connected to a network of moving companies, furniture movers and a man with a van across NZ.

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