How to Motivate Yourself to Unpack After a Move

By · October 6 2021
How to Motivate Yourself to Unpack After a Move

You’ve finally arrived at your new home and your trusted Auckland movers have finished unloading the last piece of your belongings. Even with the help of a moving company, the process of relocating can still be an exhausting one that you would want to relax and procrastinate unpacking after all your stuff has been delivered to your new home.  With a definite deadline set for packing, you are always motivated to get this task done. When it comes to unpacking, it is up to you when you start.

But you can never feel settled in your new home with all the stacks of moving boxes around your home. So beat procrastination by following these tips.

Set a deadline for unpacking

You won’t feel any urgency in unpacking your boxes if you don’t set a deadline. So, pick a date when you would like unpacking to get done. The best way to motivate yourself to do so is to schedule an activity at your new home like a housewarming party. This will encourage you to organize your home as soon as possible because you surely wouldn’t want a house in disarray when your guests arrive.

Unpack one room at a time

Avoid thinking about how you can unpack and organize your house in one attempt. You’ll get overwhelmed and start thinking about procrastinating. The best way to tackle this task is by breaking it up and unpacking one room at a time. Generally, your bathroom and bedroom are the first two rooms that are usable upon your arrival so you would like to start from there then your kitchen and work your way up to the last room in your house.

Give yourself positive reinforcement

The process of moving and organizing your home after you have transported your belongings to your new whom is very exhausting. Don’t beat yourself up into finishing the tasks as fast as you could without taking a break. You should have a balance between the things you need to do and indulging yourself after you’ve accomplished a goal that you set for yourself. That also goes for your other family members, if you’re moving with your family. Reward yourself with a pizza and movie night after dedicating a whole day to unpacking your stuff.

Avoid distractions while unpacking

It’s hard to get yourself focus and motivated with packing your moving boxes if there are a lot of distractions around. Avoid turning on your TV when you are unpacking. Most of us can easily get lost in what we are watching on TV that we tend to forget the task at hand. Limit your phone usage as well. Avoid checking your social media accounts. Unpacking is boring. The best way to keep you entertained while unpacking is by playing your favourite music. This will keep you entertained without taking away your attention from what you are doing.

Leave Décor to Last

It can be difficult to figure out just yet when you would like certain things to be placed in your new home. Don’t get too overwhelmed with décor challenges. Your priority should be comfort, safety and functionality. You can always go back to adjusting things for décor later when you are not too occupied with unpacking.

Keep your eyes on your goal which is to make yourself and your family all settled in your new home. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and starting to procrastinate, remind yourself how it feels to get something done.

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