How to Start a Man with a Van Business - All You Need to Know

By · June 11 2019
How to Start a Man with a Van Business - All You Need to Know

Moving businesses are quite in demand today as a result of the increasing numbers of online purchases and home moves made by people. Although our 'moving' platform is the biggest in New Zealand and connects customers to moving companies or sole traders, in this article we will be guiding and helping you set up your own Man with a Van business from scratch. 

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Arrange a Van

A van big and high enough to be able to accommodate all sorts of home furniture but small and short enough to be easily driven and controlled is essential for your business. You could also start with small sized vehicles if you're just trying out your luck or don't want to get into the 'bigger' business. 

Do your research carefully before you purchase a van. There are many trusted and reliable van dealers out there today; the key is to purchase the van that you think would work best for you. 

Another option could be leasing as it would prove to be less risky and more flexible for you. You could try out vans from different companies until you find your ideal vehicle and also easily get rid of the van in case your business collapses. 

Van Signs 

Having an attractive and eye catching van sign would work positively, aiding you in marketing your local brand wherever you go. This is one of the first and cheapest tricks to tending to your business' marketing requirements. 

When getting your van signed, make sure that it's not sloppy or overly decorated. Remember: less can be more. The sign needs to be attention grabbing and simple, yet it needs to market your brand's name as much as possible. 

To achieve this, you can take help from sign creators and painters who can guide you well and put forward visual suggestions for you to take inspiration from. 

Insurance Covers 

Getting your business completely covered through insurance is although not mandatory, but it is highly advised and beneficial. You're a new business out in the open with a new van, working in new and unknown places, carrying items of value that don't belong to you; you never know what could go wrong and how. Therefore, being insured will help in guarding you and providing you with a sense of security while working. 

Some of the many insurance policies a Man with a Van could go for include: van insurance (for hire & reward), public liability and goods in transit. 

Make Your Business Known 

You cannot just sit back after getting a van and your business registered and hope to get work from customers if your business isn't out there-in newspapers, magazines, Google, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and even our very own website.

Developing an appropriate and balanced marketing strategy for your start up and then implementing it is what'll really get you started because this is when your business' name will appear in front of your potential customers. Use innovative and original content to market yourself online-anywhere for that matter-as your originality will undoubtedly take you a long way in terms of rankings on Google and other internet platforms. 

The road towards an established brand name is long and requires effort, but with a strong mindset and commitment, you can counter all obstacles and hurdles that come your way. 

Blankets and Gripper Gloves

Using blankets and gripper gloves is optional but recommended as the former helps in preventing damage to the goods while the latter helps in moving items. 

Covering furniture and other items in your van with soft blankets will guard them against scratches and smudges. 

Gripper gloves will, firstly, provide you with comfort and protection from cuts or scratches from sharp or pointy objects. Secondly, they will strengthen your grip by actually somewhat sticking to the object you'll be handling which will make moving and lifting quite easier for you. 

Do Your Best 

According to a study, 88 percent of the people out there make transactions after reading online reviews. And since you will work as an independent courier business, having positive feedbacks will be crucial for you as these reviews will define the quality of your services to your potential customers. 

Hence, you should work to the best of your abilities and with utmost professionalism in order to have a lasting, positive impact on your customers. Dealing with your customers politely and professionally might also end up serving as a form of free advertisement in case they recommend your company to their acquaintances. A professionally cultured Man with a Van business can go a long way for those with the right reasons! 

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