Moving a House with a Dog – All You Need to Know

By · May 17 2019
Moving a House with a Dog – All You Need to Know

Any procedure which requires you to come out of the place you have become comfortable with becomes very hard. Especially home move to an entirely new home or apartment is a big change for everyone. You develop an association with the place and are used to doing everything according to it. This is not just true for us but also for dogs. They are very intelligent animals who understand the concept of a home. For them, moving from one place to another for good can be quite disturbing but there is nothing to worry about as there are many ways you can diminish the stress of moving for your dog.

How will I know if my dog has moving anxiety?

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Your dog will start showing you signs of anxiety as a dogs anxiety increases with the process of moving. Your dog might show changes in behaviour such as vocalizing, loss of appetite, the dog might be unable to settle and might also toilet everywhere. These things can be controlled easily but you need to make sure and commit to it rather than neglecting your dog due to the entire procedure of moving.


First and foremost, the best thing to do is maintain the same routine you have kept maintaining until now. Your dog will feel the sense of security that nothing is changing around it. Make sure that you feed your dog at the same time, bathe it at the same time and you have the same timings for walks and play time. Make sure that you are not distancing yourself a lot due to the pressure of moving. It is essential that you make time for your dog and do not let it feel isolated or disoriented in any way.

Spending time on the floor is another thing which is very effective. One thing which is going to help your dog feel at home is the smells. So make sure that you have similar smelling things in your new home as at your old home. Secondly, this way your dog is also getting love and attention from you so the stressful time can become a little easier for them with all the loving. Make sure to give your dog lots of love and attention so that it feels comfortable. There may be instances where you missed a walk due to perhaps being busy with the moving companies, compensate for that by spending quality time with your little furry friend as that will help him a lot. Be sure to commit to this every day so that you see maximum improvement.

It is pretty obvious that everyone takes their own time to adjust. Some do it quicker and some take time. For dogs, this experience is pretty overwhelming as many details around them change. You need to stay patient and let it take its time to soak everything in and adjust. Some dogs might take a few days and some dogs might take months, what matters is that the more patient you are, the quicker it will happen.

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