Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

By · November 12 2020
Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

We have witnessed how the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. People are staying inside their homes, social distancing from everyone, as part of the efforts to curb the rising case of Coronavirus.

But as much as we all wanted to stay home to keep ourselves and everyone in our family safe, there are things that are unavoidable, like moving. But how can one ensure a safe home move in the midst of this pandemic?

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We’ve come up with some helpful tips to guide you in the process of moving during this pandemic.

Before you move


1.  Virtual moving quote

It is helpful to have an onsite appraisal for you to secure an accurate quote, but during this time, it is recommended that estimates be done virtually. With the help of technology, securing an accurate quote is still possible. In fact, this has been a practice done by a lot of moving companies even before coronavirus. Moving companies are able to do this by having a comprehensive system that gathers all information that is the basis of providing a quote.

2.  Get to know the moving company’s approach to Coronavirus

You and your family’s safety is crucial when moving in the midst of this pandemic, not just your belongings. So before hiring a moving company, you must find out what are measures they are taking to ensure a safe move during the Coronavirus outbreak. Below are a few questions that should help you consider what moving company to hire:

  • How often does the moving company monitors the health of their staffs?

  • Does the company provide personal protective equipment to the movers on a daily basis?

  • How often do they disinfect their moving equipment?

  • Can the move be cancelled without penalty in case a family member exhibits any symptom of Coronavirus?

  • What precautions does the moving company recommend for their clients to take during the move?

3.  Donate food you don’t need

Moving companies consider the weight of the items in charging customers on a home move, so try to shred the weight of your items as much as you could before you move.

Like what most people did, you may have stocked up on food and other essential supplies when the pandemic started. Now that you are moving, it is great to consider donating some of those to local charities that are in much need of food and other essentials.

So, you not lessen the weight of your transport, but also help other people in need.

4.  Cancel your moving services as necessary

If you suspect yourself or any member of your family has been exposed to the virus or shows any symptoms, let your movers know as soon as possible so you can discuss options to cancel or reschedule your move.

During Your Move


5.  Maintain social distancing

During the loading, and unloading of your belongings, make sure that you and your family maintain a six-foot distance from the movers. Designate one or two people to oversee the loading and unloading. Keep away children and immunocompromised family member in a separate room and avoid them from helping with moving your belongings.

6.  Provide hygiene supplies for the movers

Prepare hygiene supplies that you and your movers can use while transporting your belongings to and from the moving truck. Have your anti-bacterial soap ready by the sink and request everyone to wash their hands at regular intervals. You can also set up hand sanitizer by the door that you and the movers will be entering and exiting through.

After Your Move 


7.  Disinfect your new home and your boxes before unpacking

Once you arrived in your new home, it’s time to start unpacking. But before doing so, make sure to sanitize all your furniture and boxes. Clean the floors before bringing in boxes to any rooms. Cabinets, closets, drawers and cupboards must be disinfected before you put away your things in it. After you finish unpacking, dispose of your moving boxes properly. There is a high chance it has been contaminated, so as much as you wanted to save it for future use, it is better to get rid of it.

Moving takes a lot of planning, much more moving during a pandemic. Take as much time as needed for research and planning. Follow the health protocols that the government have imposed, and vet moving companies you are interested in hiring. All these are essential in achieving a successful and safety home move during this pandemic.

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