Moving a Piano - The Right Way

By ยท April 18 2019
Moving a Piano - The Right Way

Man power and physical force is not the right answer to a professional piano move. A piano is a fragile musical instrument that is heavy, and a bad move can lead to serious damage to the piano, property and person.

The most important thing that piano users don't realize is that the transportation of a piano is not similar to transporting any other property or items.

In New Zealand, there are many professional and experts piano movers. You can absolutely trust these professional piano movers. Without any doubt, your most valuable property will be transported without any issue.

Can the movement of the piano affect the quality of the sound?

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The right transport of the piano does not really affect the tuning or sound of a piano. Most times, piano tuning is affected due to changes in humidity and temperature which makes the steel and wooden parts of your piano to contract and expand.

You may likely have to tune your piano some weeks after moving it after it adjusts to its new location. Other important factors that may affect the sound of your piano are the acoustics and size of the apartment in which the piano is being placed. In most cases, carpet is more likely to absorb sound but hardwood reflects it. Sound maybe reinforce in insignificant spaces, appearing louder, but in large spaces the sounds get lost and quiet.

Hire a professional piano mover

Most of the times, piano moving can only be done effectively by professionals. You can find a professional piano mover in almost any bigger city in New Zealand. With one piano move enquiry, you will find local moving companies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and other cities of New Zealand.

Expert's piano movers fully understand how to handle and transport the instrument. It requires a lot of workforces and some equipment depending on the size and shape of the piano. Generally, pianos are very heavy and delicate which makes it tricky to manoeuvre during transportation. Professional piano movers are well-trained over the years in transporting both heavy and large grand pianos so that they don’t cause damage to the case or the mechanism.

Hiring perfect piano movers will help you move your property with ease. These experts are more knowledgeable about pianos, and also they are well trained in safely moving them. However, they are trained on how to rotate and lift a standing piano in other to get it out from the door and how to properly disassemble a grand piano transporting it without any damage. Some piano movers also have tuners and repairmen among their employers who help to set up the instrument in the right position once it gets to the final destination.

Moving piano requires proper planning, using the right equipment and a high level of expertise. Some of the main considerations that you have to take into account when you want to move your instrument to another location include:

Preparing for transport

Your major concern in moving your massive musical instrument is to avoid any accident or damage while doing the task. The first thing you have to consider before moving your piano is to “pack” and get ready to be transported by van.

This doesn't imply that you have to put the instrument inside a box for protection and proper handling. Also, it does not mean that you have to crate the musical instrument. Packing means that you have to wrap the instrument with a secured padded and soft cloth by using packing tape or duct. This is done mainly to protect the massive and delicate object while it is being transported.

Lifting devices used in moving the instrument

It is essential to hire a professional mover that will do the job right and avoid mistakes or errors that can cause serious damage to your instrument. Of course, you don’t want to have an instrument that is destroyed and useless when it gets to the final destination. To perform the task well, the experienced mover must have some required tools to complete the transfer.

The important shipping equipment necessary for the proper handling and transfer of the musical instrument include:

  • Straps: This type of equipment are usually made of strong material. You can decide to choose the type of straps which consists of 3-ply cotton. Always make use of straps that are made up of buckles, and you don't have one, then you can buy these buckles separately. These items are important in other to properly protect the straps before making the transfer.
  • Moving covers and pads: It is necessary to use the right blankets that are prescribed before transferring fragile and heavy objects like a piano.

Insurance is another important aspect to consider when it comes to moving a piano, and this is another good reason to transport your instrument through a professional company that has a lot of experience in this field. Most times an expensive piano is difficult to cover with a standard mover’s insurance policy, due to this, it requires a special insurance plan for shipping. However, a good piano moving company must be aware of this and have readily available options to cover your insurance plan. Although in most cases you may need to make special arrangements before you can make the insurance to work for your moving piano. Before moving, always pay attention to any restrictions on piano models which might be in place.

How can pianos be moved successfully?

When you hire a skilled piano mover, you should expect 2-4 people to come to your home with well-equipped equipment such as ramps, piano skids, slings, moving pads and the understanding of moving your piano safety.

They will make use of special techniques to move the piano out of your house. When the piano is placed inside the truck, it will be secured in the vehicle to avoid damage during transportation.

In the most difficult situation, piano transportation involves 5-6 people depending on the size of the equipment. Generally, when a piano is moved by some group of people apart from a professional mover, the equipment, safety precautions and expertise may not be fully employed. Hiring a trained piano mover does not fully remove the risk of damage, but it will reduce the risk drastically. In addition, a good piano mover must assess the condition and inform you if there are any possibilities of damage before he or she begins to move, this will give you the option of continuing or not.

How much notice do I need to give the Piano Mover?

The amount of time required to inform the piano mover depend on when and where you want the piano to be moved.

However, many piano movers offer deliveries on a first come, first served basis. If there are a lot of orders, you may have to notify them one month ahead. But in lower traffic period, you may only inform them one or two days ahead.

Normally, if you have wanted your piano moved on a specific day, you have to book the delivery in advance to ensure that the date is available for you.

How much does it cost in moving a piano?

Generally, piano moving is billed in two ways which include:

  1. The home mover way-hourly rate, with at least a minimum of one hour.
  2. The specialized piano mover way-flat rate depends on some factors:
    • Distance being moved
    • Depends greatly on the waiting time
    • Size and type of piano
    • Time restraints place on the move
    • Difficulty level due to grass pulls, stairs and tight turns etc.

The main benefit of the flat rate system is that it consider unforeseen events, which provide an accurate idea of what the move will cost you before the movers come to your home. Also, it is not expensive compared to the hourly rate.

After your piano has been transported to your new home, it is necessary to hire a piano tuner to tune your instrument. A change in the environment usually results in the piano going out of tune and the tuner can be adjusted in other to get the best performance from it. A reliable moving company can help you in moving a piano without any issue. But if they are not able to transport the equipment successfully, they must be able to advise you about the best options to have it done.

In conclusion, your piano is one of the most valuable and delicate instruments in your home. As a result of this, don't trust its transportation and storage by inexperience individual. You can consider the help of a piano mover and have a rest of mind knowing that it is handled by experts. Also, it is important that people are more knowledgeable about pianos because these beautiful musical instruments need proper handling and extra care.

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