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Tips For Decluttering Your Home Before Moving

By · June 7 2021
Tips For Decluttering Your Home Before Moving

When you think about moving to a new home, one of the first questions you have in mind is how to bring all your stuff to your new home. The thought of it is enough to give you anxiety. Hiring Auckland movers or Wellington movers is sure going to make your home moving easier, but there’s something else you can do that will truly make a difference in your moving experience, and that is by decluttering before the big move. You might think you don’t have a lot of clutter, but there will always be a bunch of stuff you can find in your current home that you haven’t used for quite some time. It’s now the best time to let them go. Having fewer items to move, means less time for packing. If you are moving without the help of a moving company, then it won’t have too much work for you. And if you plan to tap the help of some movers, it means you can save money because you have fewer items to move. Those are just some of the benefits of decluttering before you move to a new home.

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But decluttering your home comes with some challenges too. So here are some tips to give you some idea of how to approach decluttering.


Set a date

Decluttering your home should be tackled at least a month before you move to give you enough time to plan, sort, sell and donate.

Follow a checklist

Having a checklist to follow helps you have a systematic way of decluttering your home. You should declutter one room at a time, so write down every room in your house and schedule when you are going to declutter them.

Get yourself ready emotionally

A lot of times, we keep items because of their sentimental value and it’s a real challenge to let them go. You need to set a rule for yourself. Anything you haven’t used for a long time and you will never ever use should go.

Actual Decluttering

This is a checklist you can follow in decluttering your home one room at a time.


  • Expired foods. We tend to a couple of expired food items unknowingly, most of them are condiments and sauces that are rarely used. These are not safe to use so it's best to get rid of them right away.
  • Kitchen tools and utensils. Gather all your kitchen tools and utensils and start sorting them according to its type. You’ll be surprised as to how many of each you own. Keep the ones you most like and give the others away.
  • Pots and other cookware. These items can take up a lot of space so give away those you haven’t used for quite some time.
  • Tumblers and water bottles. You sure are guilty of owning a bunch of these. Select the one you want to keep. Donate or sell the rest.
  • Old cookbooks. The great way to declutter old cookbooks is to digitize them through scanning.

Living rooms

  • Books. Nowadays, you can make use of technology, like e-books, to get easy access to the books you want to read so there’s no need to move your entire library. Books are heavy to move and can take up a lot of boxes. You can choose to donate some of them and keep those that are your most favourite.
  • Old media (DVDs, CDs, VHS Tapes and Cassettes). In today's age, accessing forms of entertainment such as movies and music is easier with the use of online streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. So, it’s easy to declutter old media items.
  • DVD and VHS players. There’s no use for this anymore after clearing your old media items.
  • Magazines. Donate these and consider subscribing to them digitally.
  • Toys. Kids outgrow a lot of their stuff pretty fast so you surely have a lot of toys you have been keeping. Now is the best time to get rid of them by donating them to local charities.


  • Hangers. This can make a great donation to thrift stores. You can also friends or neighbours if they would like to get some of your extra hangers.
  • Clothes and footwear. Fashion is fast evolving. You sure have a lot of clothes and footwear you aren't going to wear. Take them to consignment stores and make money out of it. You can also donate them, it will be much easier if you don't want much hassle.
  • Fancy pieces of jewellery and accessories. These items can also be donated or sold to consignment stores. The choice is yours.

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  • Expired medicines. You clearly won’t need this to throw away. You can flush it down the drain or throw it in the bin.
  • Old cosmetics, beauty supplies and tools. Using old cosmetics can harm your skin, definitely throw this away, as well as old beauty tools and supplies. They can easily accumulate bacteria and you don’t want that near your skin.

Linen Closets

  • Linens such as old towels and blankets. These can be a great help for animal shelters so take this opportunity to help out furry friends.
  • Sewing supplies and other craft items. Can be donated to schools or other local charities.

Home Office

  • Old documents. Almost everything is now digitized. Except for birth certificates, and other important documents, shred and throw away old documents you have lying around.
  • Old and unused electronics. With the fast-evolving technology, it’s inevitable to have a couple of electronics you no longer use like old printers, phones, even old computers. Most of them can be recycled or sold for their still usable parts.


Whose garage isn’t full of items that we don’t know what to do? It’s now time to get rid of them.

  • Broken furniture
  • Construction materials
  • Party supplies
  • Gardening supplies
  • Appliances that are no longer working
  • Car parts you no longer need
  • Yard decors
  • Chemicals like paint, kerosine or gasoline

After Decluttering

Decide the fate of the items you wanted to get rid of. One thing you can do is donate those that can be of great help to charities. You can also sell those that can still be of great value. This can help you have some extra cash for your moving expenses. Those that can no longer be donated or sold, make sure to properly dispose of them. You can call your community recycling centre to help you get rid of them properly.

Now, take a little break and give yourself a pat on the back. The next thing to do is pack your belongings. Another challenging task to do before your home move but you will definitely thank yourself because it will be easier to tackle this after you have gotten rid of a lot of your unneeded stuff.

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