Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

By · June 16 2021
Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

Moving to a small space has a lot of perks to offer like being energy efficient, less cleaning and maintenance required. And since you only need to bring lesser items, the logistics of the move will be much easier, whether you choose to move on your own, or move with the help of moving companies Auckland, or any moving companies in NZ. But you must know that moving to a smaller space also comes with a challenge.

A smaller home means less space for your belongings so you will need to let go of a big chunk of the stuff you own which is not always easy to do. You also need to think about how to maximise your space and how to decorate to make your space look bigger and airy. If you’re still at a loss of what to do, here are some tips you can use when moving into a smaller space.

Before moving

To ensure your new space won’t get crowded with all of your belongings, the first step is to declutter your current space. Everything that you don’t really need must go. To get started, go through each room of the house, create an inventory of the things you own. From there, identify the things that you need in your new space and the rest, you can figure out whether to sell or donate. Those that are already broken or damaged should be thrown away. 

You also need to take into account the large pieces of furniture that you own. Your couch might still be in good condition and sure you will need a couch in your new home, but if it’s not going to fit in your home or if it will take up too much space, then it’s not smart to bring it. To better decide whether or not to bring your large pieces of furniture and appliances, take the floor measurement and the layout of your new house. Analyze which of your pieces of furniture and appliances will best suit and fit in your new space. 

During the move

After doing all the necessary preparations, your moving day has finally arrived. You will now be faced with the challenge of how you can fit your large and bulky items inside your small house without causing any damage to the item or to your new home.

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So it will be easier for you to carry and minimise the risk of damage, what you need to do is to disassemble your large pieces of furniture. Beds, couches, dressers, cabinets, tables and bookshelves should be disassembled if possible before having them transported. This will save room in your moving vehicle and keep them safe during transit.

Upon the arrival of your belongings to their destination, do not make the mistake of getting all your smaller items first inside your home before the larger ones. You will need enough space to move your larger items properly, so getting other items inside will make your small space even smaller, thus, making it difficult for you to manoeuvre your larger items inside the house.

This part of the process is very tricky and requires enough knowledge in moving large items without causing any damage to them. If you’re not confident enough doing such a daunting task, you can have experienced Auckland movers or Wellington movers handle it. You can use Wise Move to easily gather multiple quotes from different moving companies in NZ that are already pre-qualified. They will ensure the safety of your items from picking them up in your old place to delivering them to your new home. 

After moving 

Now that you have hurdled the challenge of preparing and moving your belongings to your new small and cosy space, the next thing on the list is how to maximise the space in your new home. Here are some tricks you can use to get started.

  • Be strategic with your storage by installing wall-mounted shelves so you can free up your floor space. Transform spaces under your stairs into storage or something to fit any of your appliances.

  • Use multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman or bench that has a storage space inside. Convertible or expandable furniture is also ideal and will save space when not in need.

  • Install sliding doors, instead of swinging doors. This will definitely save you some floor space.

  • Stick with light colours when painting your walls. It will brighten up your space and will make your home more open.

  • When decorating, avoid choosing those with busy patterns as it can make your space look cramped. Choose neutral colours and have two accent colours if you want to spice up your space a little bit.

  • Place mirrors strategically inside your home to make space appear bigger.

  • Allow natural light inside your home to make your space look airy and bright. Avoid overdressing your windows with heavy curtains and go bare or use thinner fabrics.

  • Install multi-functional lighting like wall-mounted sconces. This will not only add light but will save table space.

  • Keep your items organized and avoid buying items that can only make your space crowded. Making sure your space is clean and free of clutter will make living in a small space comfortable and cosy.

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