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Open Road Support Crew are the M/C transport & backup services division of Open Road motorcycle Tours - At Open Road we run M/C tours all over New Zealand and are well versed in transporting bikes using our knowledge and experience you can expect a great service at a great price. We love bikes, We know bikes - We move bikes

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take?
We understand that you don’t want to be separated from your bike for longer than need be and will endeavour to complete the job not only professionally but also promptly. Normally we complete North Island to North Island bookings within 7-14 days from the day we receive the instructions & payment. Very occasionally it might take a little longer – workload, traffic, holdups, unscheduled delays you get the picture, however, we will keep you in the loop. Provided there are no delays due to circumstances beyond our control North to South Island or return can take 14-21 days, subject to Interisland Ferries of course. We will contact you a day or two prior to the scheduled pick-up or delivery to arrange a specific time.
Quote For TradeMe?
Before you make a TradeMe purchase you might want to get a quote - best to message us directly as things might change with how quickly you need the job completed. Some sellers are fine to wait, others are not!
We are Motorcycle movers, not a general transport co and need to limit the amount of ‘Extras’ that come with the bike, we keep our prices low by co-loading and don’t what to fill the van with too many extras limiting the space for bikes, so one box about the size of a large top box is fine, more bits can be sorted by arrangement. Thanks for understanding.
If in doubt message us here for more guidance.
Can I put spare parts with my bike?
Yes, one box approximately the size of a top box can travel free of charge with your motorcycle. Absolutely no, none, zip, fluids can be transported separately. Additional parts fairings, tyres etc. can be discussed and will be priced separately.
Does someone have to be home for the pickup or delivery?
We really do prefer that someone is around to monitor or assist with the collection and or drop-off, if this is a problem we need to talk! We will need some extra forms filled in, this is really a liability thing for insurance, theft and damage, it's just so much easier if someone is around at each end.
Insurance – what’s covered & what's not?
New Zealand is a funny old place & has some strange rules sometimes, NO ONE CAN INSURE SOMETHING THAT THEY DON’T OWN THEMSELVES. We do have limited carrier's liability cover up to the maximum we can get which is $2,000. This is more than some other transporters which will only cover up to $1,500 in the case of a claim occurring. Our advice is if it's yours, insure it for its true value, best of all tell your insurance company it's going to be in transit, shouldn’t cost you more but crosses off the no surprise aspect with the insurance co.
Worried – that’s fair and perfectly understandable.
The Open Road Bike support crew is the backup side to our motorcycle tour company. Motorcycles are our thing, we love riding but understand sometimes you just need it moved, we care, we appreciate your trust, and don’t transport anything else – Just bikes & bits.


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Care of Goods
Great experience, friendly and helpful, will contact again if I need bike transportation.
Reviewed 2 weeks ago
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Great transport job by Lance will definitely use him again if I need a bike picked up A++
Reviewed 3 weeks ago
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I would use hom again.👍
Reviewed 1 month ago
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