Furniture volume calculator

When it comes to getting a quote for your furniture move, size can make all the difference. Knowing the total volume of the inventory that needs moving is your first step to getting it on the road.

It goes further than that too. The volume of your items can give you a good indicator of just how much space you’ll have in your new home or office, providing an idea for how much you can fit in each room. Generally, you can calculate the volume by multiplying the object’s height, length and width – this isn’t just for furniture either, it works for pretty much anything!

To help you out, here at Wise Move, we’ve created this handy inventory volume calculator to help work things. Simply let us know the kinds of furniture you’ll need transporting and we’ll give you back an estimation for the total volume of your stuff in cubic metres (m3) or cubic feet (ft3).

This is only an approximation remember, but it can be a real help when discussing prices with movers and moving companies.

Get free inventory volume calculator widget for your website here.