Inventory volume calculator widget

Free to use — interactive inventory volume calculator widget for independent movers or moving companies websites. The widget has over a thousand of furniture & household item volumes to help your customers estimate their house moving inventory volume

How to install on your website?

Copy-paste this code into the HTML of your website where you’d like Inventory Volume Calculator to appear.

<div class="plvcwg"></div> <script> (function (w, d, r) { var l = function () { var f = d.createElement("iframe"); f.frameborder = "0"; f.loading = "auto"; f.src = ""; = "position:relative;height:390px;width:100%;border-style:none;display:block;overflow:hidden;"; var t = d.getElementsByClassName(r)[0]; t.appendChild(f); }; if (d.readyState === "complete") { l(); } else if (w.attachEvent) { w.attachEvent("onload", l); } else { w.addEventListener("load", l, false); }})(window, document, "plvcwg"); </script>