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How to Properly Pack and Load a Moving Truck
Loading a moving truck is not something that we usually do unless we are working in a moving company as furniture movers. This is going to be a real challenge if you are planning a DIY move and you don’t have knowledge on how to properly pack and load a moving truck.
Valuable Tips to Save Space When Packing for a Move
One of the most challenging parts of the move is packing. Just thinking about where to start will already give you a headache. You can choose to hire professional packers to do this job, but if you decide to pack your belongings on your own to save extra dollars, then you surely needed to know how to make this efficient, safe and cost-effective.
Moving Delays: Causes and How to Handle It
We all know how planning and preparation can help make your home moving process a successful one. But unexpected things can happen that may delay your moving process resulting in a not so good moving experience.
6 Things to Never Put In a Storage Unit When You Are Moving
Whether you are moving and looking for a temporary place to hold your belongings while waiting for your new home to become ready to move in, moving to a smaller place and needing a safe place to store some of your belongings, or renovating your home, a storage unit is your best answer.
What to Pack First When Moving
After finalising your decision to move to a new home, you will have a whole lot of things that you need to do and it is important that you create a plan on how to tackle all of these.
Should I Purchase Moving Insurance Before Moving?
If you are planning to do a home move and are looking to hire a home mover to help you out, it probably has crossed your mind whether to purchase moving insurance. Moving your furniture and other belongings puts them at risk.
How To Hold A Successful Pre-Moving Sale
Are you getting ready to move to your new home? One thing is for sure, you will end up with a collection of items you no longer use or you will not need to bring to your new home.
How To Prepare Your Items For Storage
There are many reasons why people need to rent a storage facility. Some may need it for extra space to store their belongings when moving to a smaller space, others use it to keep their items after moving out and there is a wait before moving to their new home.
Tips to Save Money When Moving
Moving home is a stressful experience. And to add to that, it is expensive. Getting all your belongings moved from your old home to the new one will involve lots of cash, especially when moving long-distance or from one island to another.
5 Easy Meals to Prepare When Moving
Occupied with either packing or unpacking your home, there is barely enough time to put together a decent meal to fuel up the family during your home moving process. But before you blow out your whole budget for takeout while you are transitioning to your new home, you may want to consider these easy to prepare nutritious meals to give you and your family the energy needed while moving to your new home.
Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic
We have witnessed how the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. People are staying inside their homes, social distancing from everyone, as part of the efforts to curb the rising case of Coronavirus.
Eco-Friendly Home Moving Tips
Moving to a new home can be very stressful. Talk about the big changes you have to make; location, home layout, maybe even job. And of course, the cost this entails and the time it would take to do all the moving.
How to Find Trusted Movers in Auckland?
Are you preparing for a move in Auckland, NZ? It’s a fact that moving can be one of the most stressful processes there are. For this reason, many people turn to the help of professional movers.
Top Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage units
In modern today, the use of the storage unit is increasing every single day. Self-storage units offer a cheaper alternative to people who wish to keep their belongings and assets in a safe location that is well protected.
How to Organise a Storage Unit?
Buying or renting a storage unit that is quite easy. However, the majority of people find it hard to organise their storage units. They keep adding more stuff in the unit without actually organising it.
Why Do People Use Storage? Here Are The Top Five Reasons
When you may hear people say they own a storage unit outside of their home, or you see new storage units businesses sprouting up everywhere in Auckland, you may begin to wonder what really the use of a storage unit is.

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