2 bedroom house move

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    Message from Bruno D.
    16 November, 2020 19:19
    Hi and thanks for the quote! Just a few questions before confirming:
    - What's the volume capacity of the truck you would be using? (I'm wondering if I can buy a fridge in Auckland to bring with us)
    - Do you have protective blankets and straps to take care of the few things I don't have boxed?
    - What's the earliest you would be comfortable starting on Saturday? (best time for me would be 8 ~ 9am at Kumeu, though don't want to push you guys too early for a fairly long work day)

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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    16 November, 2020 19:45
    Hi, so for your job it says Inventory estimate 9.6 - 11.7m3, so we would use our 12 or 15m3 truck.
    Yes we do have straps and blankets, fragile things like TV or mirror or paintings do need to be wrapped carefully to prevent damage please.
    Will we be needing one or two guys for the unload in Tauranga? Thanks!
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    Message from Bruno D.
    16 November, 2020 20:32
    Cool, no problem on the wrapping, everything should already be safe to load and transport. Only need some blankets to prevent wood to wood scraping.

    But I’m confused about the number of people, I thought I had requested 2 men? Does the quote only consider one? Because in that case we’d probably take longer to load/unload than what I’ve estimated? Might be easier to have a quick chat 😅 I’ll give you a call tomorrow.

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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    17 November, 2020 09:17
    Hi, no you just had me a bit confused by the comment might require 1 or 2 people to unload.
    Yes, we do have blankets so no problems there.
    We can send 2 men, thats fine thanks
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    Message from Bruno D.
    17 November, 2020 10:46
    Tried calling but they suggested messaging here 😅
    Would you please re-confirm the final quote with 2 men and the 15m3 truck?
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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    17 November, 2020 11:53
    Hi, yes, we try to keep it all in writing, on the website, so its all clear where we both stand thanks.
    Yes, totally, the price is right for 2 men and the 9 to 11 cubic meters listed in your job description thanks
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Kumeu, Auckland 2 bedroom house
Collection date
On 21/11/2020


Ohauiti, Tauranga 2 bedroom house
Driving distance
231km143mi 2hours 52mins

2 bedroom house move

Requires 2 people to help
Booking time required
4 hours 30 minutes
Hi, we're looking into moving our house stuff from storage in Auckland to our new home in Tauranga.

We have about 3 m3 of boxed stuff that would need to be picked up from 17 Shamrock Dr, Kumeu; and further 8.3 m3 that would need to pick up from our mobistore storage box at 179 McLeod Road, Te Atatu South.

Delivery would be somewhere in Tauranga and we might need 1 or 2 people to help load and unload.

Please let me know if you would be able to provide something to suit us and how much we would be looking at. Furthermore, if we do secure a house for next weekend, would you be available on the Saturday 21st November?

Inventory estimate 9.6338.0 - 11.7m3413.2ft3
  • 2 Bedside table
  • 1 Chest of drawers
  • 1 Double bed
  • 1 Double bed mattress
  • 1 Night lamp
  • 1 Wardrobe
  • 48 Cardboard box
  • 1 TV
  • 1 Dishwasher
  • 1 Microwave