3 bedroom house move

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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    05 December, 2020 16:02
    We are WINZ registered, and we can also help you to apply for the $5000 WINZ relocation grant to cover your moving costs.
    You may be able to get $5k to Work if you qualify for a benefit and need to move to take up a job, most of the time you won't need to repay the $5000 grant.

    You can find out more by searching Google, " Winz $5k to work "
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    Message from Chris
    06 December, 2020 10:18
    Hey Dion,

    Thanks for the quick response, sounds like you would be the ideal guy to sort us out. Assuming we have underestimated /missed out some items, what would happen if we had more than expected, to the price that is? Just want to make sure no one has any surprises as we only beginning to look at packing /prepping now.
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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    06 December, 2020 10:34
    Hi there, just depends if it fits in the truck or not really, of course dont want to get there and find out it doesn't all fit! We would be using a 22m3 truck for this thanks
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    Message from Chris
    06 December, 2020 12:08
    Sounds good, surely that would be enough to fit everything. Have you had many other 3 dbrm moves using your truck ?
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    Message from Dion R. (LoadMovers)
    06 December, 2020 12:24
    Hi, if you check our profile, its our black truck. We have done over 300 moves in the past year just on WiseMove, plus we have our own website as well thanks
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Otumoetai, Tauranga 3 bedroom house
Collection date
Between 11/01/2021 and 16/01/2021


Springvale, Whanganui 3 bedroom house
Driving distance
370km230mi 4hours 41mins

3 bedroom house move

Booking time required
7 hours 30 minutes
Inventory estimate 16.1567.9 - 19.7m3693.9ft3
  • 10 Box of clothes
  • 2 Bedside table
  • 2 Chest of drawers
  • 2 Double bed
  • 2 Double bed mattress
  • 1 Coffee/side table
  • 1 Dining table
  • 2 Rug
  • 1 Sofa 2-seat
  • 1 Sofa L-shaped corner
  • 1 TV
  • 1 TV stand
  • 1 Fridge freezer
  • 1 Tumble dryer
  • 1 Washing machine
  • 1 Bookcase
  • 1 Desk
  • 1 PC
  • 2 Garden chair
  • 1 Garden table
  • 9 Tools
  • 16 Bag
  • 2 Bicycle
  • 1 Hoover
  • 1 Shoe rack
  • 4 Suitcase