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How Much Would Moving a Three-Bedroom House Cost You?

Our guide’s aim is to provide you with useful cost information associated with moving a 3-bedroom house when using three different moving methods.
How Much Would Moving a Three-Bedroom House Cost You?

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Moving a house can involve a number of different tasks and elements. One of these that concerns most homeowners significantly is the cost of the house move. The amount you, as a homeowner in New Zealand, can expect to incur while moving your three-bedroom house depends greatly on your personal needs and the choices you make-the method you opt for. Our expert movers at Wise Move have summarized the cost of your three-bedroom move very simply in the form of the following equation: 

Total cost of your move = the volume of goods to be moved (all items) + the distance to be covered during the move + professional services

Our guide’s aim is to provide you with useful cost information associated with moving a 3-bedroom house when using three different moving methods. Let’s get moving with Wise Move!

Note: All of the values provided in this article are estimates and not absolute; they are average and ‘standard’ costs. Prices vary from company to company and can in certain cases be negotiable.

DIY Move

DIY move can most definitely be considered to be the cheapest of all options available and it surely isn’t an easy feat. You will need to invest in time and effort and probably ask for help from neighbours, friends or relatives. Your 3-bedroom house move will most likely involve items such as home appliances, furniture, several boxes, etc. Hence, setting up a team of familiar faces will definitely aid in packing, loading and moving.

Following are some of the costs you can expect to incur during your self-conducted and self-administered move:

Packing ‘Tools’

Purchasing packing supplies for your entire three-bedroom house can be quite expensive. Cardboards are not as cheap as one might perceive them to be! The average cost of three-bedroom packing supply bundles online can go up to & even over $400, including just packing paper, tape and boxes. Find out how many moving boxes you need here.

Truck Rental Charges

If you don’t own a truck or don’t know any truck owner willing to help you, you will need to rent a suitable moving truck to transport all your belongings to your new location. A large +25m2 truck, suggested for a 3-bedroom house move, is likely to cost a flat, basic charge of $250 and an additional kilometrage charge.

Using a Moving Company

The DIY moving option for a three-bedroom house move may not be suitable for people who are employed and find taking time out of their busy schedules difficult. Fortunately, the option of relocating with the help of professional and experienced movers will work efficiently for such people.

You can easily and quickly get home moving quotes on our website and get connected to nearby Wise Movers all across New Zealand no time! Moving with professionals has been made easier and cheaper by Wise Move.

Our cost estimates for moving companies are as follows:

Getting done with your three-house bedroom move locally will require you to hire about three or four movers for six to eight hours.

Estimated hourly charges

  • for a single truck and two movers is $160
  • three or four movers will increase the hourly wage to about $200 or $320

Hence, the total labour cost can be expected to fall between $960 to $2,560. You can also be charged extra for any of the following moving services: shuttle services, connecting or disconnecting appliances, storage before drop, long/stair carries, etc.

Moves conducted over long distances in New Zealand are usually charged on the basis of the volume of items being carried by the moving company’s truck, the total moving distance, insurance and other services delivered by the movers. The estimated standard figures and range concluded by our moving experts is as follows (in NZD):

Three-bedroom House 100km 500km 1,000km
2 men $‭450‬-‭640‬ $1100-1900 $4000-6000
3 men $570‬-790 $1400-2300 $4500-6500
4 men $750‬-940 $1800-2400 $5000-7000

A Way In-Between (Lower Costs with Professional Help)

Going about your 3-bedroom house move on a budget is surely possible. One way is to hire the services of a ‘You Pack, We Drive’ company. These companies only handle the task of delivering all of your boxes and belongings to the new location while the rest is done by you. Eliminating human labour from the moving process can save you quite a lot of money and help you stay stress-free after packing.

A number of moving companies and man with a van businesses, in New Zealand, featured on our platform can compete with each other to offer you the best of their services in this field at affordable prices.

Another option involves hiring only professional labourers for the purpose of packing, loading & unloading. Although this method isn’t that commonly seen, it surely can assist homeowners greatly. All they’ll be required to do is rent a truck (or perhaps call in some favours and borrow a friend’s) and drive it themselves to the new destination. Costs will vary but will surely be lower than going for a complete moving package by moving companies in New Zealand.

Some Things You Should Consider Beforehand

  • Sit and jot down your needs and requirements for your 3-bedroom house move. Consider your specific requirements-time, physical ability, etcetera-before making a decision. Evaluating these will help you in making a more relevant and suitable decision. Here's how to know how many cubic metres of space you'll need for your moving truck.
  • Setting out a budget beforehand is imperative as this financial plan will keep you focused and help you in managing your finances during your move efficiently. Your budget will have a direct impact on the choice you will make; affordability needs to be considered when moving.
  • Assess the value of your items & budget and decide whether you will need mover’s insurance or not. Although it may add to the cost, it serves the homeowner by providing a sense of security.

Moving companies services at low-cost

(All Covered. No Hassle.) Budget-friendly moving service trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door delivery. Same Day service.
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