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Where to buy art in Christchurch?
Whether you're an art enthusiast, a collector, or looking to pick up some art for your home, these art galleries in Christchurch have something you'll love.
7 Most affordable Auckland suburbs to buy
With some of the big banks expecting the market to level out between August and December 2023, now could be the best time to buy a house in Auckland city. To help you on your hunt, we’ve gathered together a list of the ten most affordable suburbs in the city. Happy house hunting.
What is a leasehold property in New Zealand?
If you are buying a house in New Zealand, you should understand some key terms. A leasehold property is one of these terms. Learn about the pros and cons of a leasehold property.
10 tips for moving house in snowy weather
While snow is charming and picturesque, moving is much more difficult, especially as New Zealand roads and vehicles aren’t equipped for snowfall.
How to naturally control pests in your home
Finding pests in your home can be frustrating. Before you reach for the pesticides, there are some steps you can take to help pest-proof your home naturally.
6 Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Home Seller
As you prepare to sell your home, it's important to approach the process with an element of caution. These mistakes could make it harder to sell your home.
How to reduce condensation in your New Zealand home or rental
Don’t put up with damp windows just because it's winter. These tips can help you reduce the amount of condensation indoors and lead to a warmer, dryer home.
Practical tips for reducing housing expenses in 2023
New Zealand has witnessed a steady rise in the cost of living, with housing expenses a significant contributor. Here's how to gain control over your budget.
How to keep your belongings safe when you move
Careful planning can help your move go smoothly and ensure everything is where you left it.
How to make moving with flatmates run smoothly
If you are living with flatmates and planning on moving house together, there are some things you should do before you begin your move. Follow our guide for a smoother experience.
What are your rights and responsibilities as a renter or landlord in New Zealand?
Renting a property involves a lot of responsibility for both tenants and landlords. Both have responsibilities to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.
Should you buy an apartment in New Zealand?
As New Zealand's population grows and more people choose to live in cities, the demand for apartments is increasing. Here's what you need to know about buying an apartment.
6 things you can do if your house isn’t selling
While prices are still higher than they were before the pandemic, houses are taking longer to sell. If your home is on the market, there are a few things you can do to help.
How to pack glassware for a move
Make sure you have the right supplies, and take your time to pack your glasses properly. This will help avoid any breakage during your move.
Which New Zealand cities have the best weather?
Whether you prefer a warm, subtropical climate, a cooler, temperate climate, or a continental climate with snowy winters, there is a New Zealand city that has the right weather to suit your preferences.
Unexpected costs to budget for during your next move
Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, the cost of a move can easily balloon out of control if you don’t plan properly. From packing to redecorating, here’s how to budget for any unexpected costs during a home move.
The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Auckland
Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. With a population of 1.72 million (growing), it often tops the list of the world’s most livable cities. If you’re considering moving to the City of Sails but have never visited, fear not! Our guide covers everything you need to know about the city.
How to boost your home's value in 2023
If your home needs maintenance or extensive renovations, you should be realistic about your sale price. The good news is a little bit of effort can go a long way.
Domestic violence support for moving house in New Zealand
If you are a victim of domestic violence in New Zealand, one of the most important steps you can take is to get support for leaving your home.
Avoid these common financial mistakes many first time home buyers make
With home prices finally coming down, many first-time buyers are poised to buy. Even so, these common money mistakes can set you back in the house-buying process.
Buying a house? Everything you should inspect before you buy
One of the most important steps in the home-buying process is to inspect the property before you put in an offer.
How to set up mail forwarding in New Zealand
Without mail forwarding, your letters and packages will continue to be delivered to your old address, potentially causing delays and missed opportunities.
How to save money on your move with backloading
Asking friends and family for help, borrowing moving boxes and supplies, and decluttering your home are all well-known ways to save money on your next move. But what if you want to don’t have time to do the move? Backloading is a simple process that can save you money and take the hard work off your shoulders.
How many moving boxes do I need?
Understanding how much stuff you own is key to getting the moving process right. Find out how many boxes you'll need for your upcoming move.
How to pack wine, beer and alcohol for your move
It’s important that your beer, wine and spirits are packed and shipped safely for your move.
How to move your houseplants without damaging them
Some houseplants are notorious for needing a lot of love and attention. So, how do you move your plants without damaging them?
Home appraisal versus home valuation: what do they mean?
A home valuation or home appraisal will give you an idea of how much your property is worth. However, there are differences between the two terms. Here is how each service works.
How to improve the safety of your new home after move-in day
Some aspects of your home make it an easier target for burglaries or theft. Follow these steps to improve the safety of your home, family and belongings.
How to find a support team for selling your home
A lot goes into the selling process of a home in New Zealand. Whether selling your first or third house, having the right team of professionals around you is essential to ensure everything runs smoothly.
What type of pest control do I need for moving house in New Zealand
When you buy a home you may not know what type of pests are using your house as their own personal abode. Pest proofing your house after you move in is a great way to stay ontop of unwanted insects.
Moving out of a rental property? Here’s what ‘reasonably clean’ actually means
The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 states that the tenant must ensure the premises are left ‘reasonably clean and tidy.’ Here's what that means for tenants on moving day.
Moving house? Everything you need to know about fire alarms in New Zealand
Around 80% of fatal house fires in New Zealand take place in homes without installed or working smoke alarms.
How much do you need to earn to live comfortably in Auckland? [2023]
Auckland is NZ’s largest city and is often considered our most expensive place to live. If you’re considering moving to Auckland, you may wonder how much money you’ll need to earn to live comfortably.
How to Pack and Move Beds and Mattresses
You might to surprise to find out that it is a lot harder to move a queen size mattress than a king size mattress. The king size box springs is composed of 2 box springs fitted side by side with the mattress placed right no top of it.
Comprehensive Guide on How to Transport a Sofa
If you want to buy a fairly used couch or move your sofa from one location to another, you have to plan it ahead. You will need more hands to help you with the lifting of your furniture especially if it is large and heavy. However, you can choose to move the sofa yourself, hire a furniture mover or Man With a Van service to do the task for you.
Tips on Unpacking After Moving
Tips on Unpacking After Moving
September 15, 2022
So many times, you may have gotten lots of advice on how to handle your logistics when moving out to a new home, but then, have you gotten any advice on the best way to unpack your belongings when you’ve moved into the new property?
How much do you need to earn to live comfortably in Wellington? [2023]
If you’re considering moving to Wellington, you may have wondered how much money you’ll need to live comfortably in New Zealand’s capital city.
14 Tools That Will Make Your New Home More Organised
While there are many perks to living here, one major downside is a lack of access to affordable goods from Amazon. Don’t fear. We’ve put together a list of 24 tools that are specifically available in New Zealander for every part of your home.
7 Hidden Costs to Budget for Before Buying a Home
In New Zealand, you don’t have to apply for a building report before putting an offer in on a home. However, it’s always a good idea to know what work has been completed so you know the home's condition.
5 things to know about renting a home in New Zealand
While there are a lot of areas where New Zealand shines, renting a home can come with a host of issues you may not experience overseas. Here are 5 things you need to know before renting a home in New Zealand.
How to Move and Ship Goods to New Zealand
To ship personal items by sea or air to New Zealand, you’ll need to complete some forms supplied by MPI - the agency responsible for primary industries.
Is Australia A Better Place to Move Than New Zealand?
Many people think Australia is the more prosperous nation, where wages are higher, houses are cheaper, and the quality of life is better than New Zealand, but is that really the case?
Buying Near a Beach in NZ? Know These Things Before You Move
Despite the high price tag, owning coastal property can come with its own set of problems. Before you take the plunge, consider how coastal erosion, rising sea levels, and extra money spent on maintenance, will affect you as a homeowner.
7 Downsides to Consider Before Moving to New Zealand
Before you move to New Zealand and transition from your current home country or region, it’s important to do some research. Consider all the pros and cons of living in New Zealand long-term so you don’t regret making the move!
5 Cool Interior Trends and Where to Shop Them In NZ
It’s little wonder that many emerging design trends have an emphasis on making us feel at ease or bringing joy to a space. Here are the hottest interior trends emerging right now and where to shop for them in New Zealand.
The Best Sofas on Sale Right Now in New Zealand
Mid-year is a great time to search for a new sofa, as many shops are holding sales to make way for incoming stock. Here are our favourite sofas on sale right now from around New Zealand.
Get Rid of These 7 Things Before Your Next Move
One of the best things you can do before a move is to eliminate excess items that you no longer use. Here are 7 things you should avoid taking with you to your next home.
10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move in New Zealand
Paying to move items around that you don’t use is a big waste of money. If you have a move coming up, declutter your home before you pack up your things.
5 Things to Consider Before Moving to A Small Town in New Zealand
There’s no denying that life in Auckland (or any other major centre) is expensive. But is moving somewhere smaller worth it?
What Type of First Home Should I Buy In New Zealand
If you are planning on starting a family or want a backyard for a pet, you might want to consider buying something larger than an apartment.
How to Protect Your Bond On Moving Day
Moving bulky furniture into and around your house is difficult enough as it is. With the proper protection measures, you’ll ensure you’re not causing any damage to walls, floors, surfaces or windows.
How to Decorate Your Rental on a Budget
Moving house can feel like a chore. It’s tempting to want to furnish your rental in one go by buying cheap items from op shops or Kmart. But, before you take out your wallet, take a step back.
Tips for Buying a House in New Zealand in 2022
In 2022 it can feel impossible for new home buyers to get on the housing ladder. The good news is that there are still many ways first home buyers can buy a home in New Zealand in 2022.
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