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How to prepare your home for heavy rain

Preparing your home for wet weather is important and will help keep your family and property safe.
How to prepare your home for heavy rain

As autumn settles in, so does the rain. In New Zealand, we are experiencing more rain than in previous years. With climate change, wild, wetter weather is predicted to happen more often. Auckland has already experienced heavy flooding twice this year. Preparing your home for wet weather is important and will help keep your family, property and belongings safe.

Regular maintenance

Keeping up with regular maintenance is important as it helps prevent bigger issues, like flooding, from occurring when heavy rain strikes. By taking care of the following tasks, you can protect your home and ensure that it is ready for wet weather conditions:

Clear gutters and drains:

Gutters and drains play an important role in preventing water damage. By keeping them clear of leaves and debris, you can prevent blockages that can cause water to overflow and cause water to enter your home.

Check your roof for damage:

Your roof is your home's first line of defence against the elements. Check for any signs of damage, particularly tiles and flashings. Small issues like missing tiles or cracks can quickly become larger problems during a storm. Once water gets through your roof it can cause a huge amount of damage to your ceiling and potentially your belongings. If you don't know how to check your roof, hiring an expert who can help is a good idea. 

Cut down loose tree branches:

Loose tree branches can become projectiles in high winds, causing damage to your home or neighbouring properties. Cut them down before a storm hits to ensure they don't cause any damage. If you're short on time focus on the trees closest to your home first.

Ensure fences are in good condition:

A structurally sound fence will help prevent debris from entering your backyard during a storm. Make sure that your fence is in good condition, and fix any loose boards or damaged sections.

Before a storm

Before a storm hits, take the time to prepare your home and your family for the weather event. The following steps can help ensure that you are ready for wet weather:

Secure heavy items:

Heavy items in your backyard, such as trampolines, outdoor furniture, and BBQs, can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. Make sure that they are securely anchored or moved indoors before bad weather hits.

Place precious items up high:

Certain items, like family albums and important documents, are irreplaceable. Protect them by placing them up high so they won't be damaged by flooding.

Move pets and stock to higher ground:

If you have pets or chickens, make sure to move them to higher ground where they will be safe from flooding.

Park your car off the road:

If possible, park your car in a garage or carport to protect it from damage during the storm.

Write down emergency contacts:

In case you lose internet access, make sure to write down a few emergency contacts, like your plumber and electrician.

Consider using sandbags:

If your home is flood-prone, consider using sandbags to protect your property from water damage.

Personal safety

While protecting your home and property during a storm is important, personal safety should always come first. Make sure that you take the following steps to ensure that you and your family are safe:

Create an emergency plan:

Make sure that your family has an emergency plan in case of a weather emergency. This should include a plan for communication, evacuation, and meeting up in case of separation.

Charge your phone:

Keep your phone charged in case of a power outage.

Download the official Red Cross Hazard App:

This app provides warnings and alerts when bad weather is on the way.

How to flood-proof your outdoor area in the future

Did you know the type of outdoor materials you have will impact how water will run off the ground?

Reduce the number of hard surfaces outside:

If your garden has a lot of hard surfaces, such as concrete or paving stones, the water will have nowhere to go and may pool in low-lying areas. This can lead to flooding and damage to your property.

Add more natural materials:

Soft surfaces, such as grass and soil, will absorb water into the ground more easily, reducing the risk of flooding.

Keep trees on your property:

Having more vegetation on your property also helps reduce the risk of flooding. Tree roots absorb water from the soil and will help to reduce the amount of water left on surface areas. If you have trees on your property don’t remove them. Planting a garden of natural vegetation will also help absorb extra water from the surface of your property.

Replace concrete with porous pavers:

Porous pavers, which have gaps or holes that allow water to seep through, can help to reduce runoff and promote water absorption. This can be helpful in areas with heavy rainfall, as it can prevent flooding and erosion.

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