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What changes landlords and tenants can expect in 2024
The last six years have seen increases and changes to laws affecting landlords and tenants in New Zealand. With an incoming National government, there are more changes to our housing landscape on the horizon. Here’s what landlords and tenants can expect to change in 2024.
10 clothing items to pack before you move to New Zealand
Moving to New Zealand promises a laid-back lifestyle, but if you’ve never visited before, you may not know what to pack. Whether you are visiting for a holiday or planning a move, there are some things you won’t want to forget.
Inside New Zealand's Film Industry: From Local Productions to Global Blockbusters
New Zealand isn't just a land of breathtaking landscapes and adventure sports; it's also a major contributor to the world of global cinema. The New Zealand film industry is uniquely positioned to create and produce global blockbusters as well as quirky indie films thanks to the unique Kiwi blend of creativity, innovation, and stunning locations.
New Zealand's Coffee Culture: A Nation of Flat White Lovers
While New Zealand is famed for its beautiful scenery, egalitarian society and work-life balance, one area that is often overlooked is its coffee culture.
New Zealand's Great Walks: 10 Amazing Hikes And Where To Find Them
New Zealand’s Great Walks are a fantastic way to see New Zealand. Aotearoa is known for its stunning and variable natural scenery. From lush rainforests, stunning glaciers, pristine beaches and otherworldly volcanoes, hiking has long been considered one of the best ways to see our country.
How to find seasonal work in New Zealand
If you are moving to New Zealand, you might be interested in picking up seasonal work to get you started. Seasonal work is popular amongst backpackers and international travellers in Aotearoa, but it can also be a great way to hit the ground running after your arrival. Here are the best ways to find seasonal work in New Zealand.
Understanding KiwiSaver: What it is and why you should join
Whether you are thinking of moving to New Zealand or are a New Zealander who has not yet joined KiwiSaver, it’s worth knowing about our country’s retirement saving scheme.
How to Explore New Zealand's Craft Beer Scene
New Zealand's craft beer scene has experienced a surge in popularity and innovation recently, making visiting a craft brewery a must-do for beer enthusiasts while they are here.
Surviving and Thriving as an expat in New Zealand: A guide to integration
Moving to a new country is a journey, and adjusting to the new culture can take some time. While New Zealand is a friendly place, you’re likely to feel some sense of culture shock or isolation after you’ve moved. Our guide to integrating into New Zealand culture can help you feel more at home in Aotearoa.
11 of the best New Zealand beaches worth exploring
From the epic locations used in Lord of the Rings to our breathtaking mountains and crystal clear lakes, there’s a lot of country to explore by road and by foot in New Zealand. While hiking and road-tripping are definitely part of the Kiwi experience, our beautiful beaches are another treasure often overlooked.
How to responsibly freedom camp in New Zealand
New Zealand is the perfect location for freedom camping. There are miles of untouched rugged coastlines, gravel roads that lead to isolated beaches, and plenty of off-the-beaten-track spots to explore.
New Zealand's Rugby Obsession: From the All Blacks to Grassroots Clubs
Fans of the All Blacks will know that they are one of the world’s most successful sports teams. But what is it that makes this small island nation a force to be reckoned with on the pitch?
New Zealand home buying guide: Everything you need to know about researching buying and settling on a home
Familiarising yourself with the home-buying process can reduce stress and ensure you know what to expect each step of the way. Read on for our guide to understanding the home-buying process in New Zealand.
How to buy a home at auction in New Zealand
If you've ever considered purchasing a house at auction in New Zealand but have been held back by uncertainty, you're not alone. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to build your portfolio, our guide to buying a home at auction is here to help.
Where to buy furniture at auction in New Zealand
Finding special pieces to add to your home can be a challenge but furniture auctions can fill the gap between buying second-hand and new mass-produced furniture.
The ultimate guide to New Zealand's national symbols and icons
Despite being a relatively young country, New Zealand has many national symbols and icons that are unique to our Pacific Island home.
Understanding Kiwi Slang and Culture
Here’s everything you need to know about using slang and Kiwi culture.
The Maori art of tattoo: History, meaning and modern expression
Tā moko - traditional Māori tattoos are an art form that has existed for hundreds of years.
Understanding the New Zealand education system
The New Zealand education system is ranked 7th compared to other nations around the globe. Public education between 6-18 is compulsory, free, and well-funded.
New Zealand's Māori Culture: Embracing Traditions and Indigenous Heritage
Māori throughout New Zealand live in tribal groups called iwi and can trace their tribe’s origins to one of the seven canoes said to have brought their ancestors to New Zealand
Navigating New Zealand's Healthcare System: A Guide For Expats
We cover everything you need to know about the New Zealand healthcare system, including costs, how to find a physician and how to seek specialist care.
Joinery Options for New Zealand Homes: UPVC, Aluminium, v Timber
It’s important to consider the pros and cons of different types of joinery. New Zealand's most common types are uPVC, aluminium and timber.
Kiwi cuisine: Must-try foods and where to find them
While New Zealand is much more famous for its scenery and many adrenaline-infused activities, there’s no shortage of interesting and unique foods to try.
How to grow an indoor herb garden
Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a complete beginner, creating an indoor herb garden is an easy way to enhance your cooking experience. Discover how to get started growing an indoor herb garden.
How to compost your food waste at home
Composting is a natural and eco-friendly method of recycling that stops food scraps from ending up in landfills and instead returns their nutrients to the soil.
The Complete Guide to Shipping Goods to New Zealand: Customs, Duties and Regulations
Follow our guide to help you understand the process of shipping your goods to New Zealand and dealing with NZ Custom’s regulations and duties.
The best places to buy art in Auckland
Whether you’re new to collecting art or know what you like, Auckland has many galleries and auction houses. Here are the best places to buy art in Auckland.
How much should I insure my home and contents for in New Zealand?
How much you need to insure your house and contents will also differ from home to home. Our guide will help ensure you are insured for just the right amount.
Green cleaning tips: Non-toxic solutions for your new home
Taking a greener approach to cleaning your home doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many little swaps you can make to clean your home more sustainably.
10 ways to pay your mortgage off faster
In New Zealand, it takes around 25 to 30 years to pay off your mortgage. Every contribution you make can help you pay less interest over your loan’s lifetime.
What does it cost to build a new house in New Zealand? [2023]
Despite how much prices for new builds can differ, a ballpark figure can help you understand the average cost of a new home.
Where to donate e-waste for recycling in New Zealand
The average New Zealander produces over 21kg of unwanted, end-of-life electronic products yearly. Recycling your e-waste is an important step in ensuring it stays out of landfills.
10 places to road trip to from Queenstown this autumn
With its vibrant colours and cool temperatures, Autumn is the perfect time for embarking on a road trip. Queenstowns central location makes it the perfect place for exploring the South Island.
Auckland v Wellington: Which is better
Which is better, New Zealand’s coolest little capital or the city of sails? We break it down for you.
How to prepare your home for heavy rain
Preparing your home for wet weather is important and will help keep your family, property and belongings safe.
Ten places to take a day trip from Christchurch this Autumn
Canterbury is particularly beautiful during Autumn. Now is the perfect time to hit the road and explore nearby towns, with crisp mornings, golden leaves, and fewer crowds than during the summer months.
What is a green home loan, and how do I get one?
Green home loans are financing options available to Kiwis who want to make energy-efficient or eco-friendly upgrades to their homes. Here's how to get one.
Which New Zealand cities have the best weather?
Whether you prefer a warm, subtropical climate, a cooler, temperate climate, or a continental climate with snowy winters, there is a New Zealand city that has the right weather to suit your preferences.
The best places to buy houseplants in Christchurch
Whether you’re a houseplant beginner or an expert indoor gardener, there are plenty of options for buying houseplants in Christchurch.
6 decor hacks suitable for your New Zealand rental
These decor hacks serve more than just aesthetic purposes. They will help make your home more functional without risking any damage to your walls (or your bond).
How much should you spend on home maintenance each year?
Maintenance is one area of home ownership that often gets overlooked. Yet, keeping up with projects is important. Here's how much you should save for home maintenance each year.
The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Auckland
Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. With a population of 1.72 million (growing), it often tops the list of the world’s most livable cities. If you’re considering moving to the City of Sails but have never visited, fear not! Our guide covers everything you need to know about the city.
How to create good Feng Shui in your home
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony and balance in the environment. By using this practice, you can create a positive flow of energy in your home, which can help to promote health, happiness, and prosperity.
Buying a house? Everything you should inspect before you buy
One of the most important steps in the home-buying process is to inspect the property before you put in an offer.
How to set up mail forwarding in New Zealand
Without mail forwarding, your letters and packages will continue to be delivered to your old address, potentially causing delays and missed opportunities.
Moving to New Zealand: Four affordable places to consider
When people consider moving to New Zealand, they usually only consider centres such as Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Queenstown and Wellington. These four alternative towns are more affordable and still have a lot to offer.
How many moving boxes do I need?
Understanding how much stuff you own is key to getting the moving process right. Find out how many boxes you'll need for your upcoming move.
What is a cubic metre?
What is a cubic metre?
February 27, 2023
We explain what a cubic metre is, how to calculate a cubic metre, and how many cubic metres you might need to book for your home move.
How much do you tip in New Zealand?
Understanding New Zealand customs and culture is important to know what’s expected before you get there. Tipping is one of those customs that is good to understand so that you don’t offend anyone.
Work and Income: What is WINZ in New Zealand?
WINZ has several services that can help you out on moving day. Here's what you need to know about moving as a beneficiary or someone that receives WINZ payments.
Where to donate furniture and other items in Christchurch
From charity shops to local community groups, there are a variety of options available for those looking to donate furniture and household items in Christchurch.
How to find a support team for selling your home
A lot goes into the selling process of a home in New Zealand. Whether selling your first or third house, having the right team of professionals around you is essential to ensure everything runs smoothly.
What type of pest control do I need for moving house in New Zealand
When you buy a home you may not know what type of pests are using your house as their own personal abode. Pest proofing your house after you move in is a great way to stay ontop of unwanted insects.
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