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Moving a washing machine and dryer

Moving a washing machine and dryer is a task that should be left in the hands of professionals.
Moving a washing machine and dryer

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There are so many things to think of when it comes to shifting house; but how do you “eat an elephant”? One bite at a time!

Now when it comes to your washing machine there are some definite things you need to know; including some do’s and don’ts so let’s get started. 

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

When it comes to all parts of your moving house plan, the best and most practical thing to do is to be prepared before the big day. 

First, clear out your laundry area of any clutter that will have built up around your washing machine. 

This gives you extra space to move and shift your machine. You need to get behind your washing machine and disconnect and unplug electric cords and hoses so have a tidy up and the moving stage will be easier and safer.

You’ll need to secure the drum before the move which is the main component in your washing machine that does all the hard work. 

These can become damaged if they’re not secured properly. You’ll need shipping bolts or transit bolts to hold the drum firmly in place stopping it from swaying and swinging during the move.  If you can’t find the ones your machine came with originally; you can grab them from your local appliance shop or online. 

Top tip: Make sure you have the correct model details before you go off and buy new shipping or transit bolts.  Also, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job to disconnect and reconnect at the other end. Nine times out of ten we think our tools are still in the garage but the last person you lent them to still hasn’t returned them! 

2. Grab the opportunity

Getting your washing machine prepared for the move is the perfect opportunity to give your washing machine a deep clean.  

According to Consumer NZ, your washing machine should last at least between 7 - 12 years and a little bit of care and maintenance along the way will increase the longevity of your machine. 

3. What You Need

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to shift your washing machine:

  • A couple of strong people

  • Cut resistant gloves as there are really sharp edges on the bottom of washing machines

  • Preferably a trolley, lifting gear or similar so you can load the machine safely

  • A cover of some sort like a blanket or tarpaulin to stop any damage in transit

  • A secure trailer cover so you don’t lose your washing machine off the back and cause extensive damage to your machine or a serious road accident!

4. Before The Move

Before the move unplugs the electrical cords and turns off the water supply to your washing machine by shutting off the valves. 

These are located at the back of your machine so get yourself into a good position to manoeuvre your machine forward so’s not to do any damage to your back. 

You need to drain the hoses properly before the big move.

And before you scoff about the back comment; we can tell you that many a person has done their back in trying to move a washing machine because they’re heavier than they look.  On average a washing machine weighs around 104kgs which is pretty heavy.

Top tip: Place a bucket underneath your hose connections, including the drain connection to catch any water so you don’t create hazardous water puddles that can cause slips and injury.

Need advice on disconnecting and reconnecting your water and power supply? If you can’t find the manufacturer's instructions in the family junk drawer; just Google it and have a good read before you begin or watch one of those handy YouTube videos. Priceless

5. Use someone who knows what they’re doing - saves time, money and stress

Now we can’t stress this enough when it comes to house moves, but using someone who knows what they’re doing i.e. someone with experience and professional house movers (of which you can find a variety at Wise Move) will;

  • Save you time

  • Save you money (wait we’re about the tell you why in a minute)

  • Saves you stress

The reason we say this is because moving washing machines safely and correctly is something professionals do all day every day. It’s their job to make sure all your household items arrive safely and soundly in the same condition they were loaded. 

That’s where you save money.  

Let us paint you a picture of what we’re talking about;

Uncle Ted said he can grab a trailer for you from the local Bunnings/Placemakers/Hirepool saving you heaps of money.  You trust Uncle Ted because he knows what he’s doing right but does he know how to move big stuff like a washing machine? 

Chances are he doesn’t.

Whilst you’re all trying to get this super heavy piece of gear onto the trailer; poor old Uncle Ted does his back in, your hubby cuts his hand on the razor-sharp corner of the machine and most likely the machine has been dropped on the ground smashing the lid and breaking the drum.  

A new washing machine costs between $1500.00 to $2500 or more, Uncle Ted is bedridden for weeks in a lot of pain and your hubby is on ACC for 3 weeks only earning 80% of his earnings.  Now you’re out of pocket for a new machine and your hubby is earning less and with the cost of living at an all-time high that’s even more stressful to deal with long after the house move.

It’s just not worth it!

Book a professional moving company through Wise Move and your washing machine is shifted safely using the right lifting gear, protective covers, transportation and expertise.  Wise Move has an extensive database of highly professional movers throughout New Zealand who do a superior job making sure your household items and moved from A to B efficiently and safely. 

Furniture moving service

Budget-friendly moving service trusted by thousands of customers across New Zealand.
What are you moving?
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