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The luckiest dates to move house in New Zealand this year [2024]

A new move is also the start of a new chapter. You can do many things to start your life in a new home on the best footing. Decluttering, cleansing your space and booking a mover early on are great ways to set yourself up. But what if you could get a little extra help for your new start?
By · July 5, 2024
The luckiest dates to move house in New Zealand this year [2024]

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The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, known for bringing luck and harmony, can help you find the luckiest date to move into your home in 2024. Here’s how it works.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonising individuals with their surrounding environment. In Chinese, ‘Feng’ means wind and ‘shui’ means water. The philosophy of feng shui is based on the idea that the placement and arrangement of objects within a space can influence the flow of energy (or "qi").

This arrangement can positively or negatively impact the well-being, health, and fortune of those living or working in that space.

Key feng shui principles that are worth understanding are:

The Five Elements: The elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water interact in cycles of creation and destruction, and can influence the energy in a space. Adding certain materials or objects to a room can help to strengthen each element.

Yin and Yang: In Feng Shui, it is important to create a harmonious balance between yin (passive, dark, soft) and yang (active, bright, hard) energies. These create balance between opposite but complementary forces.

Bagua Map: A tool used to analyse the energy within a space. The Bagua map divides a space into nine areas, each representing different aspects of life such as wealth, fame, relationships, health, and career. The front door of a home or space usually aligns with the bottom of the map.

Chi (Qi): The vital energy that flows through everything. Good Feng Shui aims to facilitate the smooth flow of chi throughout a space to promote positive outcomes.

Command Position: This refers to the best place to put certain furniture, such as beds and desks, so you can see the door without being directly in line with it. This positioning is believed to enhance a sense of security and control.

You’ve probably already heard of some of these principles in the context of furniture placement. According to the Chinese almanack calendar, the date you move into your home can also influence its harmony and energy. Certain days each month are also more auspicious than others.

Why are some dates considered luckier than others?

The idea of certain days being luckier than others is related to Chinese astrology and the Chinese lunar calendar.

Like spaces in your home, different days have different energy and this can affect the outcomes of activities performed on those days. In many Asian countries, people will consult the Chinese lunar calendar and Feng Shui experts to select lucky dates for important events such as weddings, business openings and yes — even the right date for moving into a new home.

Key Factors in Determining Lucky Days

Chinese Zodiac: Each day is associated with one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig). While no one sign is ‘luckier’ than the others, the traits associated with each zodiac and the compatibility between the day's zodiac sign and a person’s zodiac sign can influence the day's luckiness.

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches: The Chinese calendar combines a cycle of ten Heavenly Stems and twelve Earthly Branches, creating a 60-day cycle. Each day is influenced by a specific combination of these stems and branches, which impacts its overall energy.

Five Elements: The interaction of the Five Elements already mentioned (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) on a given day can affect its energy. Certain element combinations are considered more harmonious and auspicious than others.

Annual and Monthly Influences: The energies of the year and month, determined by the annual and monthly zodiac signs and elements, also play a role in determining the luckiness of specific days.

Personal Bazi Chart: An individual's Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) chart, which is based on their birth date and time, can interact with the day's energies. A day that harmonises well with a person's Bazi chart is considered more favourable.

How to choose the best date to move into your home according to Feng Shui

  1. Choose an auspicious date that works for you! According to the Chinese calendar there are many auspicious dates left in 2024.

  2. Be aware of your clash zodiac sign. It’s important to note that not all auspicious dates are lucky for everyone. If your Chinese zodiac sign clashes with the day’s zodiac sign, moving that day could be more harmful than helpful.

  3. Book a mover. We know that moving house can be frustrating and stressful. The easiest way to make the day run smoothly is to book a mover you trust. Wise Move makes it easy to find a trusted mover, no matter where you are based in New Zealand.

What are the luckiest dates to move into your home in New Zealand?

Lucky Dates for Moving in July

July has many auspicious dates, making it a great month to move.

Additionally, many of these dates also align with the end of the week or a weekend. Since July is the middle of winter in New Zealand, the housing market is usually a little slower. You’ll probably find that people aren’t in as much of a hurry to sell their homes quickly at this time of year.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
4 July Thursday Pig
6 July Saturday Ox
10 July Wednesday Snake
13 July Saturday Monkey
14 July Sunday Rooster
19 July Friday Tiger
26 July Friday Rooster

Lucky Dates for Moving in August

August is the final official month of winter in New Zealand. Moving into a new home is a great way to transition into a new season. There are plenty of auspicious dates to choose from. This month, your luckiest days are spread more evenly throughout the weekdays.

You can further embrace feng shui by bringing symbols of good fortune, wealth, and hospitality into your home.

These help bring prosperity to your household. Make sure you check your Chinese zodiac sign for any clashes before booking your mover.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
6 August Tuesday Monkey
7 August Wednesday Rooster
8 August Thursday Dog
11 August Sunday Ox
12 August Monday Tiger
20 August Tuesday Dog
21 August Wednesday Pig
26 August Monday Dragon
28 August Wednesday Horse
31 August Saturday Rooster

Lucky Dates for Moving in September

September is marked by the beginning of Spring in New Zealand. It’s also a popular time for travelling due to the start of the school holidays.

According to the principles of feng shui, adding fire colours to your home during this month helps to enhance equilibrium.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
1 September Sunday Dog
2 September Monday Pig
5 September Thursday Thursday
10 September Tuesday Goat
13 September Friday Dog
17 September Tuesday Tiger
22 September Sunday Goat
25 September Wednesday Dog

Lucky Dates for Moving in October

The first two weeks of October in New Zealand are the start of the Term 3 school holidays. During this time, there are four auspicious dates for moving house. Make sure you book a mover early on to take advantage of this!

Another feng shui tradition you can do to bring luck to your home is to light a candle on your first night in your new home.

This helps to cast away shadows and protect your house by safeguarding its inhabitants.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
2 October Wednesday Snake
7 October Monday Dog
9 October Wednesday Rat
13 October Sunday Dragon
14 October Monday Snake
21 October Monday Rat
23 October Wednesday Tiger
25 October Friday Dragon

Lucky Dates for Moving in November

November is the end of Spring in New Zealand and, according to the Chinese calendar, a great month for moving. With so many auspicious dates on the calendar, there is sure to be a day that aligns with your move. The weather is warmer, and the housing market tends to get busier.

Moving this month means you’ll be all settled in for Christmas and the summer holidays.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
2 November Saturday Rat
3 November Sunday Ox
5 November Tuesday Rabbit
8 November Friday Horse
10 November Sunday Monkey
11 November Monday Rooster
14 November Thursday Rat
20 November Wednesday Horse
22 November Friday Monkey
23 November Saturday Rooster
26 November Tuesday Rat

Lucky Dates for Moving in December

December has a more limited number of auspicious dates than other months. In New Zealand, the end of the year is a busy time for both work and school and moving just before Christmas can be an added stress! Choosing an auspicious date may just help your move go that little bit smoother.

Try scheduling your move for the first two weeks of the month.

Many movers will not be available from Christmas eve until a week into January. If you know you need to move between Christmas and the New Year make sure you book a mover as early as possible. Wise Move can help.

Date Days of the week Clash zodiac sign
2 December Monday Horse
4 December Wednesday Monkey
5 December Thursday Rooster
7 December Saturday Pig
15 December Sunday Goat
30 December Monday Dog

Now that you know the luckiest dates for moving into your home in 2024, you can start planning accordingly. In New Zealand, the housing market has been slowing down after a couple of booming years.

This slower pace can be good for buyers looking to take their time with their move. This means you’ll have a bit more time to plan your move. Try booking your mover on an auspicious date and see what good luck comes your way!

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