Why You Should Not Move By Yourself

By · February 28 2020
Why You Should Not Move By Yourself

We all change locations from time to time, and for different reasons. It's a recurring part of living. And whatever your reason for deciding to move or change location is, there are different ways to go about it. You can either have your home move or furniture removals done by yourself or you can employ the use of a moving company. My advice, however, is that you use a moving company. The reason I say this is because there are cons with moving yourself that you can prevent when you a moving company instead.

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Problems with self-moving and furniture removal

  • Lifting of heavyweights: I know that not all the items in your home that needs moving will be light weighted or easy to carry. There probably will be a couple of heavy furniture like chairs, bed frames, mattresses, refrigerators, movable wardrobes, and a lot more. Moving these things personally will be very hard on you and might be very tiring. Imagine having to move your refrigerator into your moving vehicle all by yourself, or maybe even with the help of a friend or family member, the stress on you and your helper will definitely be much. This is why I recommend that you use a moving company instead of doing this all on your own. You will be able to relax and watch the professionals handle everything for you.
  • Planning: Furniture removal and home moving require a lot of planning to be successful. You need to decide what to carry, how to arrange the loads in your vehicle to accommodate them, the perfect route, and so on. Long story short, the planning required for a home move is very much and can be so stressful that the best way to do it is to use a moving company. The companies have been in the business for quite some time and they have done some furniture removals and house moving job, this makes it easier for them to professionally make plans on your behalf.
  • Unexpected problems: If you decide to move all by yourself. You might be faced with unexpected problems in the furniture removal process, or even during the moving proper. When these unexpected problems occur, it might be hard for you to deal with them all on your own. This is where the importance of a professional moving company comes into play. Most moving companies have had enough experience with problems that arise during a home move or furniture removal. This makes them better positioned and prepared to handle any unexpected problem that might occur during your home moving process.

These above issues and more are reasons why you shouldn't move all by yourself, instead, use the service of a professional and recognized moving company. Be careful, however, when choosing a moving company. This is because using some moving companies also can have some disadvantages like:

    • Lost items during transit: Some moving companies have been reported to have misplaced client or customer items during the moving process and cause issues for the customer by so doing.
    • Delays with collection and delivery of items: Some moving companies tend to have a rather sluggish response to customer calls. They take time to remove customers' items from the old house and even take a long time before delivering the customers' items to their new home.
    • Damage of items: This occurs during removal, in transit or when installing items in new homes. There are moving companies who might be unprofessional and cause damages to movers' items. Also, some moving companies might cause damage to the walls, floors, or ceilings of the customers home or building they are moving away from, as well as the new property they are moving into leading to a need for extra spending on home repairs.
    • Cost: Some moving companies also charge too much for the service they are rendering to customers.

These problems associated with the use of some moving companies is the reason I am recommending that you use Wise Move when next you need furniture removal or home move service.

About Wise Move

Wise Move is the leading and biggest moving companies' marketplace for removal of furniture and home moving for customers with large and heavy deliveries. With Wise Move, you can find local moving companies around you with just one enquiry. It is an easy and free platform that connects you with the best moving companies around you, saving you time and energy.

Why Wise Move?

Wise Move is highly safe and easy to use, and they have offer professionalism at all times. Some of the reasons why you should use Wise Move are:

      • They provide you with quotes that are way cheaper than the standard quotes. Wise Move has quotes that are as low as 75% compared to the standard rates.
      • With Wise Move, you can make price comparisons between companies, and get to know more about your choice moving company by reading reviews left by other customers. This way, you have enough information to choose the best moving company for your home moving.
      • With one enquiry, you get to reach a network of moving companies that might even be travelling along your route already. This saves you the time it would have taken to call these moving companies one by one.
      • It saves you the need for hours of research, calling and leaving messages with no replies, while also offering you the best environment-friendly, capacity-utilized vehicles for your home moving needs. And a lot more benefits that you wouldn't get elsewhere.

Wise Move offers you the best service, at a highly competitive price, saves you time, effort, and ensures that you get the best quality service for your money. We bring you the best of moving companies in your locality to your reach, allow you to make comparisons and choose the perfect option. So, when next you are having a home move or furniture removal, keep in mind that your best option is to make use of the free marketplace created by Wise Move to make your choice of the perfect professional moving company that is capable and dedicated to giving you the best service.

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