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6 decor hacks suitable for your New Zealand rental

These decor hacks will make your home more functional without risking any damage to your walls (or your bond).
6 decor hacks suitable for your New Zealand rental

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If you’re moving into a new rental and want to decorate, you’ve probably read dozens of articles on upgrading your home that just won’t work in New Zealand. Sadly, most landlords won’t let you paint the walls or install faux wall fixtures that will infuse your home with a sense of personality.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. These decor hacks serve more than just aesthetic purposes. They will help make your home more functional without risking any damage to your walls (or your bond).

Read on for our renter-friendly decor hacks that even your landlord won’t complain about.

Upgrade your flooring with layering rugs

A common problem with New Zealand rentals is the carpet. Whether your home features carpets that are threadbare, questionable colours or beautiful hardwood floors that leave your feet freezing in winter, there is something you can do to upgrade your space.

While you work on getting your landlord to replace your carpets, area rugs are your best friend. Rugs have many practical and aesthetic benefits:

  • Keep your feet warm during winter

  • Create divisions in your floorplan

  • Add a cosy factor to your home

  • Cover up ugly or threadbare carpet

  • Protect your carpet if you have pets or plants

While one area rug is often practical, layering multiple rugs on top of each can really make a statement (and hide more of your floor). Try layering a smaller colourful rug on top of a larger neutral-toned rug in your living room.

Rugs are also a great way to keep your carpet protected. If you have a pet-friendly rental, your dog or cat can easily cause damage to the carpet that’s hard to clean. If you own a lot of plants, you may cause water damage to the carpets that can’t be fixed.

Place rugs beneath any of your standing plants (and always use plant stands rather than resting pots on the carpet.) These will help protect any water drips from ruining the carpet. Likewise, you can use rugs to protect the carpet in your entranceway or anywhere your pets like to sit or sleep.

Make your home look brighter with large mirrors

Renting often means sharing your home with multiple people. While you can’t do anything practical to make your home bigger, you can create the appearance of a larger space and make a statement at the same time.

Adding a large mirror to a small room creates the illusion of more space. A mirror placed across from a window will also help bounce light around the room. Bedrooms and living areas great places to add mirrors to the walls. You don’t even have to mount them. Rest a large mirror on top of a bookcase, fireplace, or dresser for an easy way to make your space feel larger.

Second-hand stores are one of the best places to shop for affordable mirrors.

Protect your kitchen walls with faux subway tiles

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a popular way to upgrade your space without causing any damage. Peel-and-stick subway tiles serve two purposes; they can elevate your kitchen and help protect your walls.

New apartments or townhouses commonly come without a splashback behind the stove (or a very small splashback). This means your walls are exposed to grease, cooking splatters and food that can easily stain if not cleaned quickly. While we still recommend wiping down your kitchen walls regularly, faux subway tiles add an extra layer of protection.

Elevate your morning shower with a new showerhead

If showering in your rental is more like standing under a dripping tap than a waterfall, this hack is for you. Swap out your old showerhead with something new.

Swapping out your showerhead is surprisingly easy. Simply unscrew the existing head counterclockwise to pull it off and screw on the new head. If your shower is old, you may need pliers to remove it.

You can replace the showerhead with a version that reduces hard minerals, has more settings or comes in a rainfall style. The best part of this hack is that your new showerhead is portable and can come with you when you move. Just make sure you store your old showerhead somewhere safe until it’s time to swap them again.

Install curtain rods without drilling into your walls

Curtains are a great way to elevate the mood of any room immediately. Whether you want to increase the drama of your room, transparent curtains for privacy, or just want to bring more personality to your home, installing curtains is a great idea. Hanging a curtain rod higher than usual can create the illusion of more space and make your rooms look bigger.

One problem with this hack is that many curtain DIYs require you to drill into your walls. In New Zealand, this is usually a big no-no. Fortunately, you can install curtain rods in a few ways without damaging your rental.

  • Use Command hooks: If you like the look of a real curtain rod, Command makes silver hooks specifically designed to hold curtain rods.
  • Use a tension rod: Tension rods stay up by applying tension from one side of the widow frame to the other without damaging your walls.
  • Buy custom compression shades: This is a good idea for anyone with rental stability and plans to stay in their home for 5+ years.

Swap your fixtures for a more personalised look

There are plenty of things in your rental that you can swap out to give your home a more personalised taste. As long as you re-install the original items before you move, you should be allowed to change these items temporarily.

Upgrade your lighting by switching out your light fixtures in any living rooms and bedrooms. Most rentals come with basic light fixtures that are sometimes outdated, offer poor lighting and look drab. Switching yours to something more modern will elevate your space and improve where the light is thrown.

Swap your rental kitchen’s hardware for something more interesting. If you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen, replace the cupboard handles with quirky or modern options. Brass or gold can make your space look instantly more expensive.

Replace your old curtains with something more in line with your needs. Most curtains are old, threadbare, and do little to block the light. Replace with heavy drapes to keep your home warmer or new netting curtains for better privacy.

Decorating your rental can be easy, as can your next move. Wise Move brings together hundreds of affordable, professional movers from around New Zealand and makes the entire process simple and stressfree. Book your next move now.

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Budget-friendly moving service trusted by thousands of customers across Auckland and the rest of New Zealand
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