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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Car in NZ

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Car in NZ

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Need to ship your car across town or across New Zealand? Then you will want to make sure you get everything done right. That’s because some simple mistakes can turn any car shipping task into a headache. However, with the right planning, getting your car shipped can be a breeze. Here’s a look at 7 mistakes that you should avoid when shipping a vehicle.

1. Overpaying for Transport Service

The first thing that you want to do is pay the right price when shipping your vehicle. If you don’t ship a vehicle on a regular basis, then you may not even have a ballpark figure as to how much the service costs. In fact, there is a wide range of pricing when it comes to shipping a vehicle.

At Wise Move, we estimate that the cost of transporting a vehicle 800km is going to range from $400 to $800. To transport the vehicle between shorter distances, the price range is going to drop between $200 and $400. For trips between New Zealand islands, the cost is going to be significantly higher.

2. Not Removing Items You May Need

Shipping companies can be flexible about whether or not you are allowed to keep personal items inside. However, you will want to make sure that you take items that you know you will need.

For instance, you may want to remove any devices, chargers, valuables, wallets, ID cards or anything else that you will need while your vehicle is being transported.

3. Not Recording any Damage Before or after Transport

You will want to check your vehicle before it leaves. If there is any existing damage to the vehicle, let the transport company know so they can make note of it. In fact, it is a great idea to make a video of your vehicle from each angle before it leaves.

Also, be sure to inspect your vehicle after it has come off the transport vehicle. This will be the only time that you can point out any damage to your vehicle during transport. You can compare notes with the shipper who will have provided you with an assessment of any vehicle damage before shipment.

4. Not Ready to Accept Your Car Upon Delivery

You will have to be available to accept your vehicle when it arrives at its destination. If you are not ready to accept your vehicle, then the shipping company will have to hold on to the vehicle and you may have to accept the additional costs. Make sure that you have a window of availability to accept your vehicle since traffic and other issues can potentially change the delivery time.

5. Not Vetting the Transport Service

One of the biggest problems that people have when transporting their vehicle is dealing with a  transporter that doesn’t get the job done correctly. Therefore, it is important that you properly vet the transport service. Now, our service Wise Move does the vetting for you. We have the transporter’s identity information, proof of address, mobile phone number and email address. This causes major worries about whether or not the transporter can be trusted.

6. Not Communicating with the Transport Team

Finally, it is important that you are in constant contact with the transport team. In fact, you will want to chat with the transport team before your vehicle leaves. In many cases, the transporter will want to know the weight of the vehicle and you will want to clarify whether or not you are allowed to have personal belongings inside the vehicle. Some transport companies allow personal items while others do not allow them.

While shipping your vehicle, the transport team may have to change the route, deal with weather and traffic issues, or have other reasons to change the schedule. By staying in contact with the shipping team, you can have a good idea as to when your vehicle will be available for delivery.

7. Not Having At Least a Quarter of Fuel in the Tank

It is highly recommended that you have at least a quarter of the fuel in your tank when the vehicle is being transported. This is because the last part of your journey may require you to drive the vehicle. If you do not have any fuel in your vehicle, then this is going to complicate issues. Also, be mindful not to put too much fuel in your tank when it is being transported. A high amount of fuel will simply add unnecessary weight to the vehicle.

Creating a Stress-Free Car Shipping Experience

It’s easy to transport your vehicle anywhere if you avoid these simple mistakes. Perhaps the best way to enjoy a stress-free car shipping experience is to choose a reliable vehicle transport company that has earned the trust of many previous customers. Be sure to carefully research several transport companies before making your final decision.

Car transport services at low-cost across NZ

(All Covered. No Hassle.) Expert car shipping service. Trusted by thousands of car owners across NZ.
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It was a great experience with ASAP Transport and a special thanks to mark for being so considerate to my requests. The transport was quick and hassle free, really happy with it.
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10 out of 10 I do recommend
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A great experience dealing with Alex. He was punctual and kept me upto date with progress. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and would use his services again
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Andy Collins was very professional … the communication was excellent and Andy was very respectful of the vehicle … excellent job … thank you Andy
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Awesome service. Thank you.

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